Hyperacidity – How to Cure Hyperacidity Symptoms And GERD Symptoms

Many of us get that bloated and painful stomach feeling. Some people also feel burning or cold stomach sensations. Usually, the main cause of these symptoms is hyperacidity.


The main cause is that the stomach has produced more acid (hydrochloric acid) than it should. Therefore, one will feel the pain and symptoms inside the tummy. In some cases, GERD (Acid Reflux) will occur where acid will creeps up to the esophagus causing heartburn.

Common Symptoms of Hyperacidity

  • It can be a sharp pain which may lead to vomiting
  • Heartburn (burning pain in the chest and back)
  • Frequent burping and passing of gas
  • Extreme stomach pain similar to stabbing
  • Upper abdominal pain which may include heaves
  • Bloated feeling of tummy
  • Cold stomach sensation

Complications of Hyperacidity

GERD or Acid Reflux is a condition that will result from hyperacidity. GERD or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease happens when the excess acid fills up to your throat. It is that sour taste in the mouth and throat that you experience. You need to undergo barium swallow or endoscopy to evaluate the degree of your condition.

For more serious ailments or if your doctor has diagnosed you with gastric ulcer, then a gastric ulcer remedy at home may be difficult to find. To relieve gastric ulcer, you may need to take oral medications specifically used to heal stomach wounds. (References from: WebMD)

What Doctor Should I Consult

A gastroenterologist is the doctor that can diagnose and treat diseases related to the digestive system. You can find one in your local hospital.

What Foods Should I Eat?

There are some foods to avoid when it comes to hyperacidity. In most cases, there include those with acidic substances such as vinegar and fruits like orange, grapes and sour varieties. You should also avoid caffeine rich foods like soft drinks, coffee, chocolate and tea.

Is Green Tea Good?

Some doctors may recommend green tea because it has health benefits other than calming the stomach.

Stomach Acid During Stress

It is possible to have hyperacidity if you are stressed out. One way to relieve this is to take antacids that are available in pharmacies. Sleeping late at night, having emotional problems can all lead to acidic stomach.

Do I need Barium Swallow?

Some tests for hyperacidity that always happen everyday may lead to tests recommended by a doctor. The most common ones are endoscopy and barium swallow. You may need to undergo ultrasound and even MRI is you have severe unknown acidic cause.




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