Daktarin Cream As Oral Gel Mouth Sore Cure

Do you have those mouth sore infections? We all know how painful and uncomfortable these tiny bumps are. However, there is an effective solution for mouth sore by the name of Daktarin cream. This gel is simple to use if you want to get rid of those fever blisters in the mouth. Although herpes simplex virus is the probable cause of mouth sores, it can be treated quite easily with oral gels and creams.

Contents of Daktarin Cream

Daktarin oral mouth gel and creams contain the generic name Miconazole nitrate. It is a powerful antibacterial agent which also helps in healing sore and ulcers in the mouth.

Uses of Daktarin Cream

Usually, it is used to treat skin infections as a result of dermatophytes microbes. It can also treat infections caused by yeasts and other fungi. Wounds, lesions and skin ulcers even in the mouth can be treated by killing gram positive bacteria.

How Long Will Daktarin Cream Produce Effects

Doctors recommend once a day application of the cream on affected areas. This is done for a complete 2-week treatment or until the symptoms disappear.

Home Remedy Treatment for Mouth Sore

The home remedy for mouth sore is usually composed of alum crystal or salt and water solution. However, these home remedies are a hassle to prepare and very painful to use (especially the alum reaction to the skin ulcer). Daktarin oral gel is simpler to apply and use. Simply spread the gel on the infected area of oral ulcer. Oral ulceration is painful but with Daktarin, you will not experience any pains but may involve slight stinging sensation which is tolerable.

Does Daktarin Cream Require Prescription?

You can purchase Daktarin oral gel overt the counter without prescription. However, it would be best if you have a general instruction from y our doctor to benefit from its maximum potency. The usual price of Daktarin cream is $9 or P300.

Side Effects of Daktarin Cream

No major side effects are observed fro using Daktarin. However, some users report slight stinging sensations.

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