Post Nasal Drip Cure – Caused by Common Colds?

For many people, having post nasal drip is somewhat a disgusting experience. It usually happens to people who have chronic rhinitis or even to those who have frequent colds symptoms. Not all people experience post nasal drip but for those who do, there are ways to treat the symptom and eliminate the disgusting feeling.


What is Post Nasal Drip?

This is a health condition when the mucus secreted by the inner nose linings “drip” from the back of the nasal cavity to the throat, hence the word “post” is used. The feeling is like swallowing some mucus because your can feel it running or dripping from the upper soft palate, in the back of the nose, to your throat down to the esophagus.

What are the symptoms of post nasal drip?

Some of the most common symptoms of post nasal drip are:

  • Frequent swallowing
  • Runny nose due to mucus flow
  • Always spitting
  • Tickling in the throat
  • Frequent clearing of throat
  • Mucus feeling in the back of the throat
  • Congestion in the nasal and sinus entries
  • Bad Breath
  • Cough

What causes post nasal drip?

Having excessive mucus production in the nasal cavity is a cause. If you have sever colds, then it is possible to have post nasal drip. Chronic rhinitis and allergies may lead to overproduction of mucus.

What is an effective post nasal drip cure?

Actually, post nasal drip is not a disease by itself. It is a symptom of a more serious condition. For example, you may have allergic rhinitis or chronic rhinitis. Having common colds is also a possible source of post nasal drip. Therefore, you can only treat your post nasal drip to reduce the discomfort. It is important for you to cure your illness that causes nasal dripping of mucus.

Your doctor may recommend antibiotics that improves your system immunity. This can help in preventing common colds. Decongestants may also be advised as well as allergy control medications. You have to follow the recommendations of the doctor for the right dosage and course of treatment to eliminate post nasal drip.

Complications and effects of post nasal drip

If the mucus always passes through the throat due to dripping, it is possible to have a throat infection. Moreover, the inner ears may also get infected resulting to both painful throat and ear ache.



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