Why Do We Have Muscle Twitching – Muscle Twitching Causes in Legs, Face, Arms And Eyelids

A sudden twitch in the muscles can be a scary experience. Sometimes, rhythmic twitches in the arms, legs and face can be uncomfortable too. However, muscle twitching is not an actual disease but a symptom of another condition. It can be due to sclerosis, fatigue stress or even anxiety.


Common Symptoms

The symptoms may include spasms in these bode parts:

  • Cheek
  • Facial twitching including the forehead and chin
  • Leg muscle
  • Arm Muscle
  • Hand and fingers
  • Fingers like the thumb and forefinger
  • Abdominal and tummy
  • Toes and fingers in the feet

Why do we twitch and what causes it?

Twitching of the muscles in any parts of the body is a result of nerve communication misfire. When the brain sends a signal, the muscles contract or relax, causing them to move or twitch involuntarily. If you do not intend to move a muscle and that it twitches on its own, then you might have a health condition. One common cause of twitching is Stress.

What disease causes twitching?

For example, what causes eye to twitch in the upper eyelid? Face muscles or facial twitching can be due to a nerve disease. Multiple sclerosis may result to mild to severe twitches. However, a doctor needs to confirm this since you can never diagnose yourself simply by looking at the symptoms.

On the other hand, anxiety and panic attacks as well as chronic fatigue can all result to problems in the eyelid muscle especially the upper part. If you have been stressed out recently and that you have some anxiety attack episodes, then it could result to muscle spasms. Learn more about anxiety and panic attacks.

What disease causes muscle twitching in the legs and arms?

If you feel other symptoms such as weakness, frequent exhaustion, the sensation of becoming crazy or insane and the feeling of passing out, then you probably have anxiety and panic disorders. On the other hand, multiple sclerosis or MS may also cause twitches but it is accompanied with other symptoms like memory loss.

What causes twitching in the face?

Twitching on the face may also be a sign of Bell’s Palsy. This is the weakening of the facial muscles due to nerve damage. Bell’s palsy may involve an infection of the nerves which is usually treatable. Of course if you have other symptoms, consult a doctor right away.

Other Causes of Muscle Twitching

  • Drug overdose
  • Over Exercise
  • Neurological Damage
  • Spinal Cord damage
  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Myopathy

How to cure and possible treatment options

Treatment for muscle twitching is only possible once you have identified the cause. The first line of treatment is by reducing your stress and anxiety as most people with this symptom are simply stressed out. However, if you notice other symptoms that are severe and intolerable in nature, you need to consult a physician.

Will Exercise Help?

Some people who exercise may not experience this condition. If you are not stressed out, then muscle spasms may not be a problem. However, doctors always recommend exercising for maximum health benefits.

Doctor to Consult

A neurologist may be a primary doctor to ask about symptoms related to muscle movement. If you have bothering health conditions, it is best to ask a doctor about possible causes.



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