Dalacin C Antibiotics for Pimples and Other Infections

What do pimples and tonsillitis have in common? Well, they may involve a single strain of bacteria. In some cases, doctors recommend the use of Clindamycin to treat tonsillitis symptoms. On the other hand, dermatologists recommend the drug as well for the treatment of pimples. Let us take a look at some information regarding Dalacin C.

Generic Name of Dalacin C

Dalacin C has a generic name of clindamycin. I was given this medicine last year when I have to treat my tonsillitis. Apparently, the bacteria inhabiting my throat has the same characteristics of the pimple bacteria that most people get.

How to take Dalacin C

Dalacin C dosage involves a twice a day take. Depending on the recommendation of the doctor, or the severity of your condition, once or twice a day take of Dalacin C is enough.

Dalacin C (Clindamycin) for pimples

Some dermatologists recommend Dalacin C for pimple and acne treatment. Since pimples are caused by bacteria, then this medicine is a great fighting agent to keep those acne out of your skin. You may take the capsule orally. Base your intake on the doctors recommendation for best results.

Dalacin C (Clindamycin) side effects

One may experience diarrhea by taking Dalacin C. This is due to the fact that it has very powerful antibacterial component. It does not only target the bad bacteria that you wish to eliminate. Rather, it may also kill the good bacteria in your stomach.This will eventually lead to severe diarrhea. However, you can simply take pro-biotic drinks.

Other ways to use Dalacin C

There are some rumors that dalacin c for pimples is effective as a cleanser. One simply need to dissolve the capsule in water or astringent like Eskinol. However, there are some doctors who are not in favor of this as it may dry up your skin. The drug is very potent so be careful and not to try other ways to use it unless recommended by a physician.

Other factors that may affect treatments are lifestyle, age, gender and hormonal imbalances in the body. Never attempt to use the medicine for other purposes apart from treating infections. Always ask your doctor about your condition.

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