Philhealth Phone Number Office Branch – Philhealth Discount Benefits

A Philhealth discount benefit can range up to 30%. Most of the time, the services that are involved here are surgical procedures, doctors fees and diagnostic services. Many hospitals recognize Philhealth discounts because the subsidized amount comes from the government. You can get up to 30% Philhealth reimbursement.

Here is a list of Philhealth office branch with Philhealth phone numbers.

The different types of Philhealth membership are

How much is Philhealth Contribution Monthly?

Your contribution to Philhealth is very minimal at only P100 a month. Some companies will easily deduct that amount from your salary. However, there are annual membership fee for Philhealth that you can also avail at P1200. This is more convenient because you no longer need to worry about your contribution. Still the benefits are very good at 30% discounts.

Who can apply for Philhealth cards?

Anyone, who is working or not can avail of the health insurance. You may pay as a voluntary member or as a regular employee. You can also get a Philhealth card from the listed branches above. It is important also that you have a list of hospitals that accept Philhealth. This will ensure that you will get the maximum coverage of benefits.

For people with dependents, Philhealth card is also useful. You can let your mother or father use it. On the other hand, spouses are also covered by a member’s account. For people with children, the Philhealth covers dependents up to 18 years old.

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