Annoying Numb Lips And Tingling – What Causes It And What Treatment And Remedy Is Available?

Have you been having sensation on the lips that seem like numbing? If you have this condition for a few days, it could be due to an underlying health problem or a trauma. It is important to seek medical help if you have other symptoms.

Peripheral neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, diabetes mellitus and stress all result to numbness of the lips and tongue. Most of the time, it is not a big concern, it is just annoying. However, looking for the exact cause of numbing will give you a chance to solve the problem. In general, it is characterized by the loss of sensation either in the upper or lower lip. Some cases even involve both.

Common Causes

It may be hard to find the common related diseases that result to numbness of the lips. However, if one is to evaluate the different types of sensations on such part of the face, it could be but not limited to any of the following:

TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder – This condition involves the nerve irritation in the joint of your jaw and the head. It can be found right beside your ears. If the joint irritates the nerve, it could lead to various sensation leading to the lips, the chin, cheeks, forehead and even the entire half of the affected side of the head.

Diabetes – This condition may also result to numbness not only of the lips but also in different bod parts. An increased level of blood glucose leads to nerve damage which may give sensations of tingling, pricking and numb.

Dental Teeth Extraction – Some people who recently underwent extraction of a tooth may have their nerves damaged. While this is not a common scenario, it is possible that the removal of a teeth could physically irritate whatever nerve is lying under the gums.

Food Poisoning – For some people, food poisoning may also induce a weird sensation on the lips. Some have reported to experience thickening sensation of the lips or that they feel like they are swollen and inflamed.

What Are The Symptoms?

It may manifest differently among people. Some say they feel tingling sensations. It is like the upper and lower lips become thickened and has lost some sort of feeling to it. In such a case, one may interpret the sensation as felt on the skin membrane.

Others will feel a burning sensation in the lips but may also include the upper part within the mustache are or even just near the chin. Flaming skin on the part may already mean that nerves are involved in the sensation which should be addressed if one experiences daily chronic sensations.

Meanwhile, others will report freezing sensation as well. It is like having a menthol rubbed on the lips or near the area of the mouth. Some report circular cool feeling while other have those frostbite sensation. Still, the condition may involve nerves and not only skin problems that’s why it will be the reported sensation experience.

The numbness may not be the only symptom that you may have. In combination with that could be the tingling and numbness in the tongue and inside the mouth area. If you have this symptom, the concern might be extensive but usually local. If your tongue, lips and gums have lost their sensation and the ability to feel cold and warm temperatures, then you need to consult a physician right away.

Other Possible Causes Related to Diseases

Causes According to Symptoms

If you have numb lips with:

Weakness, fatigue, wounds that do not heal – > It could be Diabetes


Body numbness, tingling, facial tingling – > It could be Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Stress

Jaw pain, tongue numbness, one sided headache, shoulder pain -> It could be TMJ disorder

TMJ Disorder

Sudden numbness, tingling, no other symptoms – > It could be peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy

Are There Home Remedies?

Home remedies may only be able to reduce the symptoms or relieve the pain. The most important thing is to have it checked by a doctor. In this case, having the right diagnosis will help in treating the cause of the problem. Home remedies are usually temporary and may not be able to cure the disease if there are any.

Is it Deadly?

A numbness sensation in different parts of the body is not fatal on its own. But the cause of such sensation may put one’s health at risk. If you have other symptoms like confusion, severe headache, blurry vision, loss of sensation or weakness in any body parts, proceed to emergency room right away.

It is A Sign of HIV Infection?

Some people who have HIV may experience various sensations in the body including numbness. However, symptoms of the body are never a reliable way to suspect that you have HIV. Only a blood test or a rapid test at clinics can confirm your health status of the disease.

How To Avoid

Preventing the numb sensation of the lips may be difficult especially that it is usually a sign of an underlying problem. If you think you are diabetic, it is best to seek treatment to avoid complications in the nerves. On the other hand, a symptom of stroke should be a cause for concern. You can lessen your risk for a storke by exercising and avoiding foods with high cholesterol content.

Doctor Specialists

The kind of doctor that you may seek help for your symptom includes a dentist, orthodontist and a neurologist. These experts can properly diagnose your symptoms in the lips.

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