Annoying Numb Lips And Tingling Lips – What Causes Numb Lips And What Treatment Options And Remedy Are Available?

Peripheral neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, diabetes mellitus and stress all result to numbness of the lips and tongue. Most of the time, lip numbness is not a big concern, it is just annoying. However, looking for the exact cause of lip numbing will give you a chance to solve the problem. In general, lip numbness is characterized by the loss of sensation either in upper or bottom lip. Some cases even involve numbness in both lip parts. Tingling sensation is also a possible characteristic of numb lips.

Common Causes of Numb Lips

Neuropathy : Do I have Neuropathy?

Diabetes: Am I Diabetic?

Symptoms of numb lips

Numbness of the lips may manifest differently among people. Some say they feel tingling sensation in the lips. It is like the upper and lower lips become thickened and has lost some sort of feeling to it. In such a case, one may interpret the sensation as numbness in the lip skin membrane.

Possible Causes Of Numb Lips


TMJ Syndrome


Dental Malocclusion

Others will feel a burning sensation in the lips but may also include the upper part within the mustache are or even just near the chin. Flaming skin on the part may already mean that nerves are involved in the sensation which should be addressed if one experience daily chronic numbness.

Meanwhile, others will report freezing sensation in the lips. It is like having a menthol rubbed on the lips or near the area of the mouth. Some report circular cool feeling in the lips while other have those frozen sensation. Still, the condition may involve nerves and not only skin problems that’s why numb lips will be the reported experience.

The numbness of the lips is not the only symptom that you may have. In combination with that is the tingling and numb feeling in the tongue and inside the mouth area. If you have this symptom, the concern might be extensive but usually local. If your tongue, lips and gums have lost their sensation and the ability to feel cold and warm temperatures, then you need to consult a physician right away.

Causes of Numb Lips

If you have numb lips with:

Weakness, fatigue, wounds that do not heal – > It could be Diabetes

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Body numbness, tingling, facial tingling – > It could be Anxiety and Stress

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Jaw pain, tongue numbness, one sided headache, shoulder pain -> It could be TMJ disorder

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Sudden numbness, tingling, no other symptoms – > It could be peripheral neuropathy

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