Face Numb Is Very Scary – What Causes Face Numbing In The Cheeks

There are only two causes of face numbness. The first one happens when you lack oxygen in a certain area of your face, for example when you are pressing your face on a pillow during sleep. The second one is when you have peripheral neuropathy.  The neuropathy condition may be due to a more serious undiagnosed disease including multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons or diabetes.

Common Causes of Face Numbness

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Numb face symptoms

Facial numb occurs as a pricking cheek sensation. This is the same as when you have those tingling of hands and feet. You know how annoying they are don’t you? However there are also other areas in the face that may experience pricking sensations. Tingling sensation in the face can happen as face prick in the forehead, face numbness in the nose, facial numbness in the temple and pricking sensation in the chin. No matter where they are, the sensation of numbing and tingling feels like there is something moving on your skin.

What causes face numbness?

Here is a list of common causes of face numbness:

The more common type of face numbness is in the cheeks. This is because there are more nerves here which control facial expressions. Facial numb may happen when your nerves in the jaw joints are compressed. This can happen if you have TMJ condition. A diabetes symptom may also result to facial numbness. An increased sugar level in the blood may induce tingling sensation in any parts of the body. Excessive sugar tend to affect the hormonal and electrolyte balance of the body. If you suspect you have diabetes, know the other symptoms and treatments. Anxiety attacks and stress can both result to facial numbness. Stress can also disrupt the natural flow of electrolytes and hormones of the body. This may then lead to numbness especially when the nerves are all affected by fatigue and depression due to stress.

Numb face remedy and treatment

For instant relief, it may help if you will seek a chiropractor service. You may also check with a specialist in neuropathy to minimize the uncomfortable feeling. Chiropractor specialists and neuropaths can help reduce the sensation that you feel while you are still unsure of its cause. You can have a doctor examine your jaw and teeth alignment. One probable cause of facial numbness is that the entire nerves in the jaw is compressed because of bad bite due to TMJ. You will be given a device that you need to bite for 6 months to align your jaw. On the other hand, a severe face numbness and severe facial prick sensation warrants a neurologist intervention. There might be something wrong with your nervous system. Sometimes, these facial numbness can be a symptom of Bells palsy. This is a temporary facial paralysis due to bacteria or viral infection. On the other hand, multiple sclerosis may also play a big role in numb face symptoms.

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