Frequent Passing Of Gas – Treatment For Passing Gas All The Time

It is embarrassing to frequently pass gas in unwanted places. While it is not always with sound, passing gas could also give off unwanted smell. A bad odor from body gas could mean something is wrong with your stomach and digestive system. Some conditions may include but not limited to gastric cancer, Crohn’s disease, irritated bowel syndrome or simply hyperacidity.

Common Causes of Passing Gas

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Why do we have frequent passing gas?

Crohn’s Disease

Let’s take a look at Crohn’s disease. It involves the inflammation of the digestive lining. This in turn irritates the digestive tract and may stress the body. A stressed body could weaken the immune system which in turn could activate bacteria activity in the stomach. Of course, the result would be a foul odored gas.

GERD and Hyperacidity

There are conditions of hyperacidity which causes increased volume of gastric acid. When a person produces excessive hydrochloric acid, it is released as gas through frequent belching or burping. You will know hyperacidity is the cause when you taste sour in the back of your throat. Moreover, chronic upset stomach results to heartburn and GERD.


Meanwhile, gastric cancer or even colon cancer rarely involve frequent passing of gas but secondary symptoms coming from these dreaded diseases are possible.

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Irritated Bowel Syndrome

On the other hand, IBS diarrhea or constipation can both induce passing gas in large volumes, especially true if you have fungal infection in the colon. A common fungal concern is intestinal yeast infection sometimes called candida.

It is normal for a person to pass gas more than once in a day. However, the smell of the stomach gas and its frequency can determine the cause of one’s passing of gas all the time.

Frequent passing of gas treatment

If you are always passing gas and the smell is like sulfur, then it is probably due to a fungal infection in the intestines. This happens when you have lower good bacteria in the intestinal wall. A simple intake of supplement rich in lactobacillus is recommended.

On the other hand, if you have frequent passing of gas together with heartburn and stomach grumbling, then the cause would be hyperacidity. As you know, an increased amount of acid in the stomach will lead to gas accumulation in the digestive system. This may also be accompanied with stomach movement inside, frequent burping and a bloated feeling. Taking an antacid will help since it will draw out excessive gastric acid from the stomach.

If you are still worrying about why you are passing gas all the time, it is time to consult a doctor. You may also have a bad smell of gas every morning or in the evening. You can reduce your intake of dairy products if this happens.

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