Pubic Hair Bump and Pus – Swelling Pimple Like Bump In Pubic Hair

Shocking, you have a pimple down there! Do not worry, it is not very unusual to have it. Many people develop pubic hair bumps at least once in their lifetime. A vagina or penis pubic hair bump is something called hair folliculitis (hair follicle infection). Most adults develop them but even teens are vulnerable. Folliculitis is simply an infection in the hair follicles. It can happen anywhere in your body from the scalp to your arms, legs to your pubic hair, as long as there is hair actually.


What causes pubic hair bumps with pus?

Usually, people who have poor hygiene may develop hair bumps in general. However, the pubic region is more susceptible to hosting microorganism which help in the development of pus in bumps of the pubic hair. It is also possible that ingrown pubic hairs get infected.

Meanwhile, pubic hair shaving may also lead to these annoying pubic pimples. If the hair follicles are irritated or damaged, infection may occur, resulting to pus filled hair bumps. So be careful when you shave your pubic hair. It is recommended to simply use a safe hair removal cream which can easily wash off pubic hair instead of tiring and straining hair shaving.

Treatment for pubic hair bumps

If you already have pubic hair bumps that contain pus and discharge, the best treatment would be to eliminate infection. Antibiotics are best for such cases but you need to ask a doctor what antibiotic type is good for you. However, some doctors may simply suggest cauterization. As for you, make sure to always wash your pubic area regularly. Use germicidal soap with moisturizer. This way, you can prevent hair bumps from multiplying.

How to prevent pubic hair bumps?

Generally, using hair removal creams is better than shaving. This allows virtually no physical irritations. However, if you have sensitive skin there are many hypoallergenic private shavers for men and women. You do not need a razor to do this since many electric personal shavers are very comfortable to use and will not result to cuts and irritations.

You may also find specific pubic hair removal cream both for men and women. Just make sure the removal cream is safe and has lots of positive feedback. So if you can’t live with those pubic hair, either a removal cream or personal shaver will be your best bet.

Pubic hair bumps in men

For men, the pubic hair bump or swelling is near the base of the penis. This is susceptible to physical pressure and perspiration. However, some males report having hair bumps in the testicles or balls.

Pubic bumps in women

For women, the most susceptible parts for hair bumps are within the upper vagina region. Sometimes, hairs within the inner layer of the genitals may develop irritation. If left untreated, it may lead to hair bumps as well.



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