The Causes of Itch Ears With Throat Itch – Treatment And Cure for Itchy Ears

Why do we sometimes get an itchy ears syndrome? Itching ears that sometimes include itchy throat has something to do with infection. Most of the time, the condition is benign. Probably you have excessive ear wax or perhaps there is an insect trapped inside your ears. However, serious conditions like tonsillitis and ear infections could result to ear itching.


Symptoms of ear itching

Itchy ears symptoms include stabbing ear pain, itchy ear canal, annoying and rustling sound in the ears.

What causes ear itch with throat itching?

If you are having itchy ears together with throat sensation of itching, then you probably have infection. Tonsillitis in the throat not only involve itching in the throat area but may also lead to ear itching. Ears and throats are connected through Eustachian tube. If there is an infection in the throat, it is more likely it will affect the ears.

On the other hand, if you have excessive ear wax, then it will also lead to ear infection. Usually, waxes inside the ears become a good habitat for bacteria. When this happens, it is possible that you will experience ear itchiness.

Ears may also itch due to “intruders”. Insects, especially ants are notorious for annoying and uncomfortable itchy ears. For example, a small ant can go inside your ears and make ruffling sound while it is walking. You have to try to get that ant out in your ear canal before it can damage your eardrums.

On the other hand, water inside the ears could also cause infections if you were not able to drain it out. Sea water or swimming pool water inside ears can both cause infections especially that water is a good host for microbes to live.

Who are prone to itch in ears?

This is a common problem for young kids because they are more prone to environmental contamination. If your kids complain of ear itching, you may need to look inside his ear and find out what causes the itch.

Treatment for itchy ears and throat

If you have fever and swallowing pain, then you probably have an infection. Consult a doctor immediately. On the other hand, cleaning your ears with cotton buds is also a good option to isolate other possible health concerns.



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