The Scary Causes Of Teeth Turning Transparent – Tooth Discoloration Problems

In our lifetime, our teeth will gradually deteriorate due to calcium reduction. However, there are instances when your teeth become transparent due to your lifestyle factors. It can be embarrassing to show a smile which shows your faded teeth. Let us discuss the different aspects that contribute to teeth becoming transparent or translucent.

Transparent teeth symptoms

Teeth discoloration includes the following symptoms: reduction of white color in the teeth edges, discoloration or fading of white teeth, chipping off on the teeth edges, smoky white colored teeth and translucent teeth edges.

All of these symptoms are a sign that the teeth enamel coating is wearing off. Or, it could be that the calcium component of the teeth itself is deteriorating, causing cracks and chipped off teeth edges.

What causes teeth to turn transparent?

There are two reasons why your teeth becomes transparent. Teeth discoloration is usually evident in the front including the incisors but you may also have discolorations in the molars. The first reason for teeth becoming transparent is enamel deterioration, which is usually caused by bacteria. If you always eat sweet foods, then you run the risk of having tooth enamel decay.

The second reason is when you eat acidic foods. The acidic substances like vinegar, citrus fruits and other sour items can fade out your teeth enamel in the long run. Therefore, you should only eat such foods in moderation.

Remedy and treatment for discolored teeth

A tooth that has turned clear in the edges can be applied with special whitening toothpaste. There are over the counter toothpastes for teeth whitening that you can buy. Some are whitening toothpastes are commercially available while some are offered in dental clinics by dentists.

In some cases, dentists will offer cosmetic dental procedures which are also effective. It will bring back the white color of your teeth for a longer period of time. But since this is an artificial procedure, you may need to come back after a year or so for reapplication.

There are also permanent teeth whitening that you can avail but a different package and procedure may be involved. Ask your dentist about this option.

Some cosmetic dentists offer special price packages to help you whiten your teeth via treatment sessions. Take note that such procedures may involve thousands of dollars. For the mean time, you can use a teeth whitening product or toothpaste.

Home remedy for transparent teeth

Teeth Bleaching at Home

While it is expensive to undergo cosmetic dental procedures, there is still hope to bring back your teeth color. Using whitening toothpastes may help in bringing back the white color of your teeth. Of course, we suggest that you stay away from abrasive and corrosive food items which degrade enamel on teeth. While using any toothpaste for enamel color restoration.

Moreover, you can simply brush your teeth twice a day to prevent any cavities while maintaining the potency of whitening toothpastes. Remember that the more cavities you have, the more chances food acids will seep through your inner teeth. This in a way will only aggravate the situation.

Other concerns

As a side effect of enamel decay, your teeth will become brittle. This is evident in the chipped off part of your incisors. You may also need to have your teeth evaluated for dental occlusion errors to give you a better bite alignment.

Dental malocclusion is the misalignment of your upper and lower teeth. When these are misaligned, you will have a bad bite resulting to friction and pressure on teeth surfaces. When this happens, there is a higher chance that the teeth coating will wear off and become transparent, faded or cracked.

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