What Causes Tingling Sensation And Pricking In Hands and Legs

The general term for tingling and numbness is peripheral neuropathy. You have to admit but there is something freaky about the tingling sensation in hands and legs. Usually, that weird creeping sensation on skin come without any warnings. This symptom could manifest as finger numbness in the hands or even tingling feeling in the legs.

Tingling Symptoms

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Causes of tingling in hands and legs?

There are many factors that may result to tingling and burning sensations. It may be difficult to find that tingling and burning hands cause. But one thing is for sure, there is a neurological concern involved. Peripheral neuropathy is just an overall term for tingling and numbness. Causes of such neuropathy may include but not limited to:

If you have:

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Who are at risk of tingling sensation?

People who are 20 years old and above are at a higher risk of such symptoms. In most cases, those who use non-ergonomic devices such as computer keyboards may also feel numbness and tingling. Generally, male and females have the same risks levels when it comes to muscle and skin tingling sensations.

Home remedy for tingling hands/legs

Treatment for tingling hands and legs may be done temporarily at home. You may take Vitamin B complex to let your nerves recuperate from any possible damages they recently experienced. A chiropractor may also help in relieving you of the discomfort. Simple massages and physical therapy is recommended too.

Of course, another possible treatment is by reducing your stress. However, it is very important that you also consult a physician if your symptom is chronic or if it’s getting worse by the day. Look for other symptoms accompanied with tingling skin and muscles.

Tingling hands and HIV

In a remote situation, HIV can also produce tingling and numb hands but these symptoms are already results of complications like bacterial infections in the nerves or brain damages due to the virus.

If you can no longer tolerate the tingling sensation, consult a medical professional.

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