Accidental Lip Biting Hurts – Lip Bite Condition Due To TMJ

While some people intentionally bite their lips to express emotions, there are others who accidentally bite lips due to some dental conditions. At one point, a misaligned jaw could trigger lip biting as an accident when you chew foods too fast. On the other hand, biting lips while sleeping could be a sign of anxiety and stress. This is also called bruxism.


Why do people accidentally bite their lips?

The causes of accidental lip biting are varied. A lip bite happens when the incisor or the front teeth suddenly snaps down catching the lower lip. This could be traumatic as it will make your lip bleed or incur tissue damage. One probable cause of lip bite is that your lower jaw does not fit well in the upper part of your mouth. This may lead to TMJ disorder. What is TMJ Pain Disorder?

If in the past you had a tooth extracted, especially the molars, and you did not avail of a dental tooth implant, then your jaw will sway away from the normal alignment, causing accidental lip bites. Aside from this misalignment, you might also be a victim of frequent bruxism.

What is Bruxism?

Teeth grinding and teeth clenching are just some of the other terms used to refer to bruxism. When you sleep, it is very possible that you are actually grinding your teeth at night without knowing it. In some cases, extreme bruxism can lead to accidental lip biting.

Night grinding is a terrible experience. This happens when you are stressed out. The brain will involuntarily send signals to your nerves and you will grind your teeth based (or even without) on your dreams. If this happens, you might also have accidental lip biting at night while sleeping. This could also lead to wound on the lips.

Bruxism Home Treatment And Remedy

A dental mouth guard could help. There are also some dental night guards that could help you prevent biting of lips from happening. On the other hand, if you are suffering from TMJ pain disorder as a result of misaligned jaw, you could wear a dental splint appliance from your dentist. Wear this for six months to align your teeth. Then subsequent brace implants may be required. Mouth guard for teeth grinding is best at night while sleeping because you are unconscious most of the time bruxism happens.



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