Pain When Moving Tongue – Causes Of Pain Under Tongue Could Be Tongue Cancer

Tongue Pain Overview

Do you feel pain when moving your tongue? If you have been experiencing pain in such a condition, it must be due to nerve damage. Apart from tongue infection and throat problems, tongue pain when moving it is a lot common among people who have nerve problems.


Tongue Pain Symptoms

Tenderness under the tongue is a common symptom. When you move your tongue sideways, you will feel dull pain. On the other hand, some people experience tightness when moving their tongue while others feel pain just by swallowing saliva.

What Causes Tongue Pain?

1. Usually, an infection can cause tongue pain when moving it. The muscles under the tongue get swollen and become tender. This results to ache when the person moves his tongue even without eating or chewing something.

2. Nerve damage due to trigeminal neuralgia is another possible cause of tongue pain. The nerves connecting your tongue leading to your trigeminal nerves may be compromised. Other than pain, you may also feel tongue numbness and tingling sensation. Sometimes, people report a burning sensation in the tongue which is also related to nerve damage.

More Info on Trigeminal Neuralgia

3. Lastly, dental trauma is a possible cause for painful tongue. You may not know it but at night, you might be experiencing night grinding. This condition may put stress on your tongue which will manifest as pain in the morning.

A dental night mouth guard may work wonder for this condition. Moreover, if your molar or wisdom tooth was recently extracted, it is possible that the nerves under your gums were damaged, resulting to tongue pain.

Treatment For Tongue Pain

If the infection is the main cause, you may simply take antibiotics provided that a doctor (ENT) recommended it. On the other hand, you may simple relax your tongue for a few days by avoiding hard to eat foods. It may also help taking Vitamin B complex for nerve repair if nerve damage is the primary cause of the pain. Other than these remedies, your doctor will recommend specific treatments depending on the diagnosed health condition.

If you wish to diagnose the problem to find whether it is simply nerve damage or other tongue diseases, consult your ENT specialist.



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