Sudden Leg Pain From Unknown Cause – Leg Pain Cure


Leg pain is anything that causes ache in either side of the lower limbs. The pain may be internal or external depending on the cause. In some cases, numbness and tingling in the legs are mistaken for pain. Sometimes, the cause of leg pain is not so obvious and the symptom will suddenly appear. Most leg pain causes include bursitis, Achilles tendon rupture and fibromyalgia.

What Causes Sudden Leg pain

Early sign of arthritis. Although arthritis usually happens in the joints, the pain could radiate and extend to the surrounding muscles. In this case, arthritis in the knee, feet and toes could induce leg pain too. Learn More About Arthritis

Fibromyalgia. It involves a wide array of muscle and bone pain in the body. Painful body parts will include arms and legs.

Hamstring injury.The group of muscles on top of your thigh. When this part is injured, you will experience radiating leg pain.

Knee bursitis. The inflammation of the knee joint. This can happen when the soft cushion in the knees become irritated.

Symptoms of sudden leg pain

Some of the most common symptoms of leg pain are:

Treatment for Sudden Leg Pain

Fast home remedy for leg pain includes relaxing your entire lower limbs. Put them on top of a sturdy surface while sitting.This will help proper blood circulation. If you suspect fracture, put a splint and consult a doctor right away.

On the other hand, leg pain due to fibromyalgia should be treated by reducing your stress. This will not give results overnight but long term effects are possible.

Other concerns

Muscle cramps could also induce whole leg pain. It may happen as a right or left leg pain. Cramps “freezes” muscles which are painful.As a remedy, you can bend the muscles in the opposite direction.

Other causes of leg pain are overworked legs, lifting weights, running or any other physical activities that involve the use of y our lower limbs. If you want a fast leg pain cure, then you may take pain relievers like mefenamic acid or ibuprofen.For long term relief and treatment, you may seek the service of a physical therapist.

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