Ugly Eye Bump Around The Eyelids – Painless Eyelid Bumps

Do you have bumps in the eyelids? Do you have eye bumps in both eyes? You are not alone as many people have them too. While there are many reasons why you have bumps around the eyes, one should know how to identify the condition.

Symptoms of Bumps in the Eyes

There are some bumps that are not noticeable. However, some of them could be too obvious to ignore. Here are some symptoms that you should be aware of:

What causes Eye Bumps?

There are at least two known causes of eye bumps. Those white bumps around the eyes are called milia. These are sebum bumps in which the oil is trapped in the skin pore.

On the other hand, the brown bumps in the eyes could be due to some forms of warts. Some people may have small warts around the eyes, the cheek bones and the neck.

The white bump in the eyes are caused by dead skin cell accumulation, which is the characteristic of milia. On the other hand, small bumps in the eyes that are skin colored are usually warts in origin.

If there are other discoloration like red, black or pinkish ones, they could simply be newly formed pimples or even moles.

How To Remove These Eye Bumps?

A dermatologist should be able to remove them. If the bumps are milia, they can be removed with simple extraction using a tool utilized by doctors. However, some of the bumps in challenging locations may be applied with creams or ointments.

Meanwhile, warts removal is widely available in many clinics. You can have the warts removed in a skin clinic or a doctor’s clinic. They are fairly effective in removing eye bumps.

Are Eyelid Bumps Dangerous?

Eyelid bumps and lumps are usually benign. However, you need to remove them as they are annoying. Those clogged sweat glands and pores around the eyelids may produce these bumps. Bumps under eyes are easier to remove than those in the eyelids because of difference in skin thickness. A simple removal tool is used by the doctor who can remove them.

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