Funny Swollen Cheek Could Be Serious – Swollen Inner Cheek Causes Maybe Swollen Gums Or Dental Problems

Some people find it funny to have a swollen cheek. However, there are serious reasons of swollen cheeks which need to be addressed. Usually, there is a difference between swollen inner and outer cheek causes. One therefore needs to know the cause in order to treat the condition properly.


What Causes Swollen Cheeks?

Causes of Swollen Outer Cheek

When you have this condition, it is quite obvious because your face may be disfigured. Your outer cheek/s extend to the outside outline of your face. Usually, this happens to children because of mumps.

However, even adults may get them. On the other hand, a swollen outer cheek could also mean infections. This happens because of tooth or oral infections.

Causes of Swollen Inner Cheeks

In general, a swollen inner cheek could be due to infection as well. It may also be due to inflammation from dental conditions. Usually, swollen gums, infections in dental implants and oral infections in the tongue and throat are the main causes.

The following are the possible causes of swollen cheeks inside the mouth:

  • Gingivitis
  • Dental extraction and infection
  • Oral Cancer
  • Accidental biting of the inside lining of the cheek
  • Bruxism or night grinding
  • Mouth ulcers

Swollen inner cheek causes can be the following: dental condition which may include dental implant irritation, infection of the gums resulting to swelling or trauma from outer cheeks.

Swollen gums due to wisdom tooth could lead to pain in the gums as well. The tissues are connected therefore the pain inside the cheeks makes it unbearable.

An infection like mumps also leads to a swollen cheeks. An inside cheek soreness is a reaction to infection which should be treated with medicines.

An ulcer inside cheek could be dangerous if left untreated as this will lead to bleeding and serious complications like pus in gums and pus in cheeks.

Lastly, swollen cheeks may be due to inner cheek biting. This is a very bad habit as the lining could get infected. While accidental lip biting is usually random, some people intentionally bite their cheeks from mannerism.

Swollen Cheek Treatments and Remedy

Most infections are treated with the use of antibiotics. However, these are drugs that require prescription. Therefore, you need to consult with a doctor in order to diagnose your condition properly.

On the other hand, it is possible to first take some mild pain relievers if there is pain. Over the counter pain killers are good until you pay a visit to a physician. If you suspect extreme infections, you may also gargle with salt and water as an antiseptic solution.



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