Pricking Sensation In the Cheeks Feels Needle Pain – Cheek Tingling With Sharp Pain

Do you feel cheek tingling? Does it feel like pricking needle sensation? If you are suffering from facial pain and face pain in general, then you might have nerve damage. In the case of having tingling cheek pain, the nerves in the trigeminal area is affected. You will feel your face like it is poked by a needle. In some cases, cheek numbness could also be felt. It could be the following:


Anxiety and Stress


Symptoms of Cheek Numbness With Pricking

People usually have some forms of numbness in their lifetime. However, pricking and tingling sensations in any body parts could mean nerve damage or irritation. Here are some common symptoms of cheek numbness:

What Causes Cheek Pricking Sensation?

  • If you only have pricking and numbness on the cheek, it could be Peripheral Neuropathy.

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  • If you have pricking sensation with jaw pain, dental pain or one-sided facial pain, it could be TMJ Syndrome.

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  • If you have pricking sensation and are experiencing fatigue and depression, it could be stress and anxiety.

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Other Possible Causes of Cheek Pricking and Stabbing Pain

There is a trigeminal nerve that runs across the face. If there is pressure in any part of this network, then you will feel cheek tingling pain, forehead tingling pain and upper lip burning sensation.

Needle pricking pain on the cheeks is scary. But do not worry, you simply need to reduce the pressure on the nerves. As mentioned, one possible cause is TMJ pain. The joint in the jaws put pressure on the nerves beside your ears. A dental adjustment may be necessary.

On the other hand, stress reduction also is important. Many doctors associate tingling and numbness in the face to stress. If you are recently exposed to stressful environment, try to refresh your senses and unwind. This way, you can have better hormone balance which will relieve your sensory nerves.

Cheek Pain Remedy At Home

Cheek stabbing, pricking and pain are just manifestations of a health condition. You need to find out what causes them. In any case, you may simply massage the area in order to get instant relief. On the other hand, nerve vitamins such as Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are good to repair damaged nerves. If you have extreme symptoms, consult your physician.


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