Itchy Dry Flaky Eyebrows Due To Seborrhea

Some people do have dry flaky eyebrows due to seborrhea. This is a condition wherein the dandruff that is usually found on the scalp find its way to your eyebrows. Usually, seborrhea or seborrheic dermatitis is not a big concern. However, some parts of the skin may be infected and may affect your facial value. *Note: HIV infection, Stress Fatigue, Fungal Infection and Psoriasis may all cause dry flaky eyebrows as a symptom.


Symptoms of Dry Flaky Eyebrows

Symptoms of seborrhea are very minor and tolerable. The following are the possible signs that you may consider:

  • Flaky skin in the eyebrows
  • Itchy red spots in the eyebrows
  • Burning sensation in the eyebrows and nose creases
  • Dry hair follicles in the eyebrows

Other Signs of Seborrhea (Seborrheic Dermatitis)

  • Crusty white skin in the neck, and chest
  • Flaky and itchy skin behind the ears
  • Dry skin flakes in the sides of the nose (crease)
  • Treatments for Itchy Flaky Eyebrows Area

What Is The Cause Of Seborrhea?

Some studies suggest that it is due to fungal infection while others relate it to stress and environmental conditions. Those with compromised immune system like people with HIV or AIDS are more susceptible to get seborrheic dermatitis.

Dry Flaky Skin Treatment And Remedy

Seborrhea cure can be in the form of hydrocortisone cream. However, you should first monitor if you have the same seborrhea symptoms or seborrheic dermatitis symptoms common to people. Take note that hydrocortisone has a steroidal property. You need to consult your doctor first to avoid any severe side effects or allergies.

Over The Counter Medicine For Seborrhea

Over the counter hydrocortisone creams are effective. In fact, applying the cream will work instantly and in a few minutes. The cream will relieve the burning pain that you feel in the eyebrow area. However, some people are very sensitive with the substance. You need to consult a dermatologist if you are allergic to hydrocortisone.

Dry Flaky Skin In Babies

The usual victims of seborrhea are babies. In fact, one may observe that new born babies are more susceptible to have this condition. However, this is not a big concern because it will go away on its own.

But the case for the adults is a little different. Because of the person’s lifestyle and health, it is important to seek medical attention if the flaking is severe. A doctor will then recommend creams to be applied on the affected area.

Is Flaky Eyebrows A Sign of Skin Cancer?

Flaky dry skin is not a common sign of skin cancer. But if you notice some bumps, moles that are getting bigger or wounds that do not heal, you should consult a doctor.



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