Red Sore Penis Cause – Inflamed Penis Could Be A Sign Of Genital Herpes And STD

A red sore penis is very uncomfortable. Many men complain of dry penis pain or simply an irritated inflamed penis. While there are different reasons that can cause an irritated genital, we will give you some information on the most common reasons why some men experience having irritated glans.

Symptoms of Red Sore Penis

What causes penis pain?

Red irritated penis may be due to rough sex intercourse. If you or your partner usually have dry skin in general, penis pain due to dryness is inevitable. Of course, female partners may produce lubricating fluid during intercourse. However, a dry penis in general may not be comfortable with vaginal fluids alone.

On the other hand, some men experience inflamed penis as a symptom of STD or sexually transmitted disease. This condition may not involve dryness or itchiness in the penis. Rather, you may have sore red penis shaft, some lesions in the penis head, penis discharge or even uncontrollable itching.

Other conditions not related to STD may involve eczema or seborrhea. Men are more prone to seborrhea which is usually referred to as body dandruff. If you have sore and red inflamed penis skin that turns crusty and flaky, most probably you have seborrhea. On the other hand, you have to look for some small wounds from dry penis skin. If they turn crusty as well, you also need to watch out for eczema.

Sore Penis Treatment/Remedy

If dry skin is all your problem during sex, lubricant is your best solution. On the other hand, if you suspect you have STD, the only way to treat your condition is to consult a doctor. Many STDs can be treated and cured very well through medication of antibiotics. Lastly, seborrhea and eczema may be treated using corticosteroid creams like hydrocortisone. Ask your doctor about it.

Penis Head Irritation

It is also possible to get irritated sore penis due to medications. For example, if you are taking penis enlargement pills or using artificial penis extenders, the genitals may experience trauma. Some penis pills for enlargement have complex chemicals that could induce penis head irritation.

Red and sore penis hole?

If you have an irritated or sore penis hole, it is possible that you have an infection. You need to visit a doctor if you have penis pus discharge from a wound. Check out with your local urologist.

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