Weird Swollen Abdomen Cause Could Be Colon Cancer

Having a swollen abdomen is quite frightening. If this happens with other symptoms, it is possible that your digestive system has a problem. What are the common swollen abdomen causes? When a body part is swollen, it means there is inflammation. However, some characteristics of colon cancer or stomach cancer can be attributed to abdominal swelling.

Swollen Abdomen Symptoms

The swelling of the abdomen is the symptom itself. If you notice swelling without even gaining weight, you should seek medical attention. Sometimes, this swelling may be accompanied with fullness sensation or bloated feeling.

Causes of Swollen Abdomen

The cause of a swollen abdomen may just be a simple sign of inflammation in the stomach or large intestine including the colon. But there are still some conditions like Colon Cancer, Crohn’s disease and other health concerns that should be identified before arriving at a conclusion.

Learn More About Colon Cancer

Take note that having a swollen abdomen does not directly qualify for cancer. It could be because of any other health conditions. The following are the common conditions that lead to abdominal swelling:

Swollen Abdomen In Children

Swollen abdomen in kids may have another possible cause. Apart from the causes we mentioned above, it is possible that the child has parasitic worms in the gut. This is true especially for children who were not previously dewormed.

When To Consult A Doctor for Swollen Abdomen?

If you will put pressure on your tummy or belly and you feel abdomen pain, it is time to consult a doctor or GP. Bloated stomach with pain should be checked by a doctor who will then request either an  ultrasound or MRI scan. This way, you will have confirmation if the pain is due to inflammation of the organs or tumor.

Treatments for Swollen Abdomen

It may not be possible to treat a swollen abdomen at home. This is because the very source should be identified first. Once you have found the culprit, you may be given medication by your doctor. If there are tumors or any other mass, you may need to undergo a surgery.


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