Why Always Choking Is A Problem – Frequent Choking Could Mean Thyroid Problems Or Even Throat Cancer

Have you been choking frequently these past few days? If you are always choking even when eating simple foods, then there is a possible throat blockage. Choking with saliva or when drinking water is a cause for alarm since liquids should be swallowed effortlessly. If there are other extreme symptoms, then it could be due to thyroid problems or even throat cancer.


What Causes Frequent Choking When Eating?

Is it Cancer?

Some people always choke because there is a blockage in the esophagus. Now, it may be difficult to diagnose whether it is thyroid cancer in particular or throat cancer in general unless an ultrasound or CAT scan is made. For the meantime, it may help if you could identify some other cancer symptoms associated with throat cancer.

A throat cancer usually have symptoms like weight loss, pain in the throat or blood in sputum. Proper diagnosis should be made when you visit your doctor.

It Could Be GERD (Acid Reflux)

Acid reflux which is sometimes called GERD is another cause for food and water choking. When there is too much acid in the stomach, it tends to go up to the esophagus lining. This will then irritate the throat cavity which will make it hard to swallow. As a result, one will choke even by drinking water.

Remedy For Frequent Choking

Choking is not an actual disease. It is a health condition. But there are way that you can do to limit the number of choking events when you eat. Here are some of them:

  • Eat in moderation every meal
  • Swallow small portions of foods after chewing them thoroughly
  • Avoid foods that are acidic and spicy (to prevent stomach acid over production)
  • Do not gulp huge amounts of water
  • Breathe in a relaxed way when eating

When to Consult A Physician

If you are having difficulty in breathing when you choke on foods, it is better to consult a doctor. This is especially true for people who are at risk of heart failure or heart attack.



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