Scary Causes Of Stabbing Eye Pain – What Causes Stabbing Pain In The Eyes

It is indeed scary to experience stabbing pain in the eye. However, there are only a few conditions that may lead to stabbing pain in the eyes. While this is not a medical condition, it is considered to be a symptom of another health concern.

Symptoms of Stabbing Pain In the Eyes

People have varying symptoms in the eyes when it comes to pain. The following are the most common ones:

What Causes Stabbing Eye Pain?


Migraine is a possible cause for stabbing eye pain. A person who experience migraine could have a half-head ache together with extreme pain int he eyeballs when moving.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headache is another possible cause for eye pain with a stabbing sensation. When you have cluster headache, the parts of the head may feel pain together with the aches experienced by the head.

Cluster headaches start slowly in a few seconds and then will last for half an hour or two. Other symptoms that you may have are eyelid drooping, tearing in one side of the eye and one sided headache.


A tumor may also cause stabbing pain in the eyes. When the tumor is behind the eye balls, it could push the eye ball to the front, causing pain. However, some other symptoms are also felt which include blurry vision, loss of balance, nausea, and weight loss.

Is Stabbing Eye Pain A Sign of Cancer?

Cancer in the eyes may start very slowly. It could be a tumor in the eyeballs that have developed into cancer. Some initial symptoms include loss of balance, blurry vision and extreme headaches. You need to consult a doctor to perform diagnostic tests.

Treatment for Stabbing Eye Pain

It may not be possible to treat this pain because it is just a symptom of another health concern. It is therefore important to have your eyes checked by a doctor before arriving at a conclusion and diagnosis.

For the meantime, it is best to monitor the pain up to two days. If the pain persists or if it is intolerable, seek medical assistance right away.

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