Scared of What Causes Feeling Faint And Dizzy – Causes of Feeling Faint And Headache

Passing out is a serious concern especially if it involves dizzy and headache sensations.While most people will simply pass out without any warnings, there are others who experience the sensation of losing their sanity, the feelings of passing out and dizzy sensation that feels like you are going crazy

Symptoms of feeling fainting

What causes feeling fainting?

Anxiety attacks or panic attack can cause such feeling of fainting. This is usually accompanied with mild headache and dizziness. Anxiety attacks are very troublesome because it makes the person incapable of doing ordinary things.


On the other hand, fatigue and stress can also induce that feeling faint and dizzy sensation. When your body is reacting to balance your stress, you may feel extreme exhaustion which may lead to sensation of fainting. However, many patients won’t really pass out, it is just that they feel like fainting.

Brain Disease

If the dizziness and sensation of fainting is accompanied with headache, muscle weakness and loss of balance, you need to consult a doctor. Some of the possible causes are brain tumor, Multiple Sclerosis and even Stroke.

Treatment for Fainting Feeling

Since we are talking about anxiety and panic attacks, it is best to manage your thoughts before you actually harm yourself. When you are about to feel fainting, just erase your horrible thoughts and try to compose yourself. This condition is called “fight or flight” response of the body. Anxiety attack sufferers experience nasty symptoms that are mistaken for grave diseases. In reality, it is all in the head and you should learn to manage your thoughts and worries.

Of course, if you are having anxiety attack symptoms for more than a week or if you have frequent panic attacks, an appointment with a psychiatrist is recommended. This is a behavior and thought disorder that demands professional treatment.

Other Causes of Fainting Sensation

Sclerosis and brain tumors could both induce that feeling faint experience. This is due to the disruption of your capacity to balance while standing or walking. However, they may only be confirmed with a test using MRI or CAT scans. Most of the time, the person actually faints or passes out and if he has these diseases. On the other hand, if you simply have the feeling faint and lightheaded as sensations, you may simply need to get some rest.

What causes feeling faint when standing or doing exercise? This is due to lack of oxygen as well as an increase metabolism in your body. When you stand up immediately from a resting position, your blood rushes up and  your blood pressure spikes. On the other hand, after a strenuous activity your body copes up to take in more oxygen.

When to Consult a Doctor

The answer to what causes feeling faint depends on other symptoms. If you have severe headaches and migraines, if you have balance problems while walking or if you have frequent tingling sensations and numbness, then you need to consult a doctor. These symptoms relate to nerve or brain damage.

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