Scary Causes Of Losing Balance While Walking – Losing Balance While Standing Could Mean Nerve And Brain Disease

It is truly scary to experience the sensation of losing balance while walking, especially if you have a symptom-free life. Some people even have the feeling of fainting right before the onset of the so called “imbalance attack”.

Some balance problems are easy to deal with due to obvious reasons like stress or intoxication. However, other causes are due to serious illnesses which may include diseases like Parkinson’s or Sclerosis disease.

Symptoms of Losing Balance

The following sensations are felt by people who experienced the feeling of losing balance:

What causes losing balance while walking?

The sensation of losing balance while walking may involve but not limited to ear infection, nerve and brain damage (sclerosis and stroke) and even fibromyalgia. On the other hand, it could also be a secondary symptom of vertigo, fatigue and stress.

Some common causes of losing balance:

Each of the mentioned causes have accompanying symptoms.

How to Diagnose Losing Balance?

Most of the time, a doctor will test your balance while walking by letting you walk on a straight line on the floor. This is necessary to pinpoint causes. If an ear infection is present, you are at risk of losing balance while standing and walking. The inner parts of our ears serve as tiny guides when we stand and walk.

Multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia are related to the brain, nerves and muscle damages. If you have any of them, you will probably lose your balance even while standing upright. This is also worse when walking on a street or any straight road with patterns.

On the other hand, fatigue and stress can all contribute to loss of balance while walking. They also induce anxiety problems which seems to “weaken your knees” therefore you’ll experience shaking and knee weakening. When you become more conscious of the sensation, you will lose your balance while standing and walking.

What is the best way to treat loss of balance?

If you think you are under a lot of stress, manage it. Stress and anxiety attacks are treatable with correct counseling and lifestyle modification.

If you feel some pain in your ears or if you have discharges coming out from them, consult a doctor. This is probably due to an ear infection which greatly affects one’s balance.

Lastly, if you are losing balance while walking and experience extreme headache, tingling sensation, numbness and muscle weakening, consult a doctor right away as the cause may be nerve damage.


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