Cold Stomach Causes – Symptoms And Treatments

Have you been having that cold sensation inside your stomach? What causes cold stomach? Most of the time, a painful stomach is felt inside the abdomen which could be translated as either cold or burning sensation at the same time. However, even external surfaces like the tummy’s skin may also experience a cold sensation in the stomach.

Possible Causes:


Stomach Cancer

Symptoms of Cold Stomach

When a person feels sudden cold in the stomach, it may involve any of the following symptoms:

burning sensation in the stomach

cold internal abdomen

nervous-like feeling (butterfly in the stomach)

grumbling stomach

There are only limited diseases that cause cold stomach sensation and one should be aware of them.

Causes of Cold Stomach

GERD or Hyperacidity. Gastric acid in the stomach results to a sensation of freezing. It feels cold inside the stomach when you have excessive acid within the stomach’s lining. This condition usually leads to ulcer and GERD if not treated very well.

In other cases, hunger may also be mistaken for a cold stomach. When you are hungry or starving, you will feel a sense of cold inside the abdomen.

Causes of Cold Stomach

If you have cold stomach with:

  • Heartburn, chest pain, throat pain -> It could be Hyperacidity

Learn More About Hyperacidity and GERD

  • Frequent bowels, stomach cramps, tummy heaving -> It could be LBM

Learn More About LBM

  • Numbness, tingling sensation -> It could be neuropathy

Learn More About Neuropathy

Stomach numbness. While your stomach is inside the abdominal cavity, you may interpret a cold sensation on the tummy skin. This is similar to having numbness of the abdomen skin. If that is the case, then your problem might be coming from a nerve disorder. Neuropathy is the general term used to refer to numbness in any body parts. Some possible causes of numbness and tingling are sclerosis, stress and anxiety or other nerve diseases.

Food poisoning. It is also possible to have cold feeling in the stomach if you’ve eaten foods with compromised sanitation. Expired or contaminated foods may lead to stomach coldness as a primary symptom. If you feel nauseous or if  you have vomited, consult a physician right away.

Cold Stomach Related Diseases

Any of the following diseases may result to cold stomach.

Treatment Remedy For Cold Stomach

If the cause is hyperacidity, you may take powerful antacids. You can buy them over the counter without prescription. Of course, it is important to look for other symptoms to confirm that you are suffering from GERD or hyperacidity. Some additional symptoms include heartburn and frequent burping.

If anxiety, stress or nerve problems cause cold stomach, you need additional support treatment from professionals. Stress and anxiety can be treated at home through proper management. However, nerve disorders should be handled by a doctor.

Lastly, if you suspect your are food poisoned, go to the nearest hospital. It would be best to proceed to the emergency room for immediate treatment.

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