What Causes Horrible Thoughts In My Mind – Why Do I Always Have Horrible And Violent Thoughts?

Have you been having thoughts like hurting yourself? How about thoughts on hurting your family? Well, you are not alone because many people suffer from having unwanted horrible thoughts in the mind.


In most cases, these “violent thoughts in my head” have nothing to do with your character. They are all just in your mind. If you will not be able to control it, crazy and horrible unwanted thoughts in the mind can ruin your life.

What are the symptoms of horrible unwanted thoughts?

  • Having “unwanted thoughts of hurting myself”
  • Horrible thoughts of hurting family members
  • Thinking of hurting a person without the intention of doing it
  • Violent unwanted thoughts against people
  • Frequent sudden panic attacks
  • Feeling of going crazy and insane
  • Frequent unwanted suicidal thoughts
  • Sudden recurring horrible and violent thoughts

Why do I have horrible thoughts in my mind?

1. What causes unwanted violent thoughts in the mind? One possible cause is OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder. If you thought of something bad, horrible or violent and they won’t go away once you started thinking about them, then you are “obsessing” about them.

2. In some cases, the reason may lie on a traumatic experience that you do not want to happen again. This experience may have altered the way your perceive reality and imagination.

3. On the other hand, another possible cause of violent and horrible thoughts that keep on coming back is anxiety attack. When you suffer from stress, panic and anxiety attacks, you won’t be able to control your thoughts. Bad thoughts will linger in your mind for a long period or time.

How to get rid of unwanted thoughts?

How to stop horrible unwanted thoughts in my mind? This is a common question among OCD and anxiety attack sufferers. It really depends on your will power. Some people may treat themselves without medical attention while others are not able to control their thoughts, seeking professional help from psychiatrists or psychologists.

Here are a few home treatments to get rid of horrible unwanted thoughts in the mind:

Exercise daily. This activity releases endorphin which is also called “happy hormone”.

Hang out with your family and friends more. It may sound scary that you  might hurt them, but actually you will never hurt them because you love each family member.

  • Do something that you normally don’t.
  • Keep yourself busy by doing more things.
  • Avoid caffeine foods since they are stimulants.
  • Reduce your stress by traveling to places you’ve never been.

If you are suffering from obsessive horrible thoughts, you need to calm down and think of something to stay away from your obsession. However, if you are having a hard time reducing your thoughts and that they already affecting your life, consult a professional.



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