What Causes My Chin To Go Numb – Possible Causes of Chin Numbness

What Causes Numb Chin?

Before we answer that, you need to know the term paresthesia. Paresthesia is the sensation that involves both tingling and numbness. Some people call it “needles and pins sensation” because it really does feel like your skin has needles in it.


While the chin is not always exposed to physical pressure, unless of course when you put your chin on your hand for a long time, it may experience numbness and temporary tingling. If the numbness of the chin that you experience is chronic or recurrent, then it may be due to peripheral neuropathy.

What causes numb chin as peripheral neuropathy?


One possible cause is the interruption of signal in the nerves. The head which includes the chin, lips and cheeks up to the forehead, has branches of nerves. When the main segment is irritated, then you will feel numbness. In the case of chin that goes numb frequently it is possible that your nerves in the jaw joint is irritated.

It Could Be TMJ

This is true for many TMJ disorder sufferers and they do not even know they have the symptom. Some other symptoms of TMJ are jaw popping sound, pain inside the ears, lateral headache and shoulder pain. A dentist or orthodontist may diagnose if you have TMJ disorder.

Other causes of numbing of the chin


On the other hand, the numbness in the chin may also be due to diabetic neuropathy. If you have diabetes or if your blood glucose level if abnormal, numbness in the face area is inevitable. Chronic numbness of the chin warrants special diagnostic tests and you may include diabetic screening in them.

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Lastly, multiple sclerosis or MS may also include numbness of the chin as a symptom. Take note that there are other symptoms to watch out for like headache, loss of balance or even cognitive problems. If your chin recovers from numbness after a few exercises of the jaw within a few days, then most likely you do not have MS.

Do I have Stroke?

Some patients who experience one side body numbness may be experiencing a mild stroke. This is the same when you have some kinds of numbness in the face including the chin. If you have other stroke symptoms like weakness, severe headache or seizure, you need to rush to the hospital.

Remedy for chin numbness

For the mean time, you can do temporary numb chin remedy by exercising your jaw. Massage your chin slowly to reduce the “blank” and tingling sensation that you feel. This will also help in proper blood circulation in the area.

As always, we recommend that you consult a physician in order to diagnose your symptom properly. If chin numbing is not due to any of the illnesses mentioned, then you simply need to avail peripheral neuropathy treatments to get relief from chin numbness.



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