Why Do I Always Feel Tired And Sleepy All The Time – Always Feeling Tired After Sleeping For Long Hours

Are you always feeling weak? Do you want to take a nap every minute? You are not alone since many people are experiencing the same symptoms. However, it is much better to know the real cause of these tiredness sensation. Some causes are not too serious but others may involve certain diseases.


Symptoms of Tiredness

  • Always feeling tired
  • Feeling sleepy after long hours of overnight sleep
  • Feeling weak with no energy
  • Feeling tired everyday

Why Do I Always Feel Tired And Sleepy?

Chronic Fatigue

Why do I feel tired after sleeping for long hours at night? Feeling tired and being sleepy all the time is a classic symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). You may not know that you have it but it will be evident when you always feel the need to sleep.


Diabetes may also be a cause when you always feel tired and sleepy. Because of blood sugar imbalances, one may have poor metabolism causing him to feel tires and weak.

Immune System Problems

People who have recurring infections usually have immune system problems. This is true even for people with HIV. Because of the immunity compromise, the body will keep on using up energy to defend itself from infections.

Remedy For Tiredness And Weakness

Overworking or doing repetitive activities for long periods of time may result to fatigue or CFS. However, people who work in sedentary environments such as office are also vulnerable to extreme fatigue. That’s why it is important to take breaks once in a while.

What causes having cold and tired feeling? This may also be related to CFS especially when you have an unknown or unidentified infection in the body. Feeling tired and cold all the time means your immune system is compromised which leads to fatigue.

Are there any natural treatments for chronic fatigue syndrome? Yes there are but you have to look for calming and soothing activities suitable to your lifestyle. On the other hand, doctors will be able to give you the best treatment option for chronic fatigue syndrome through medication and lifestyle modification.

For concerns related to diabetes and immune system, one needs to consult a doctor for proper treatment. This is very important as there may be complications if the causes are left untreated.

Foods To Boost Energy

There are certain foods that could give you a boost. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B Complex are good to restore your energy. Some drinks may also help especially those with caffeine like coffee or tea.



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