Effective TMJ Treatment Options

Effective Treatment Options for TMJ Pain Disorder
Expensive. This is the most common comment of people who wish to avail TMJ pain treatment. It is not surprising since most of the time, men and women with TMJ pain consult a dentist first before taking medical suggestions from doctors. Usually, TMJ treatment is non-invasive thanks to alternative ways to treat tmj disorder. However, not all remedies for TMJ are successful. Moreover, it will require months and sometimes years before the best result from natural TMJ treatment can be achieved. So what are our options when it comes to TMD pain treatment?


Bear in mind that TMJ is not a health condition. It is a joint that attaches your jaw to your head. You can find these attachments just beside your ears. Once you understand this, choosing the most effective TMJ treatment will be easier. Most sufferers of this condition have found a reason of their pain from a dental perspective. When dental occlusion tests confirm that your pain comes from teeth misalignment, you will have different treatment options. Of course, any TMJ treatment side effects will always be present. But the good news is, most dental treatment plans for jaw pain involve non-invasive options.

One non-invasive and non-surgical treatment for TMJ is by using a splint. This is a teeth appliance that you can wear for six month or more. Your dentist will look at your TMJ X ray and create a custom fit mouth guard (dental appliance) for you. This TMJ treatment is also good for teens and kids because splints can be worn anytime of the day.

This is the only TMJ pain treatment while sleeping at night that works round the clock. You can wear it 24-hours a day even while eating. Of course, the side effect of this is discomfort. It would be uncomfortable for the next 6 months but it is the first step towards a TMJ pain free life. Most TMJ treatment dentists in the US will initially offer the use of dental appliance before recommending surgery for chronic TMJ disorder pain that lasted for several years.

How effective is TMJ treatment splint therapy?

It is effective since your muscles will get used to a new and better position, thus reducing your jaw pain and other symptoms. However, dentists also recommend the use TMJ treatment braces which will serve as a permanent solution to your condition. The TMJ treatment cost for this usually range from $500 to $2000. This is also true for tmj treatment orthodontics offer since they also address dental and jaw conditions.

What are tmj treatment injections?

This is a procedure in which two syringes are injected in the jaw joint to flush it with lubricating chemicals. This is not actually invasive and may provide temporary relief from pain. Some doctors use botox as tmj treatment option to reduce the inflammation in the jaw joint.

Are there any TMJ treatment drugs and medicines that we can take?

If you will consider a TMJ pain treatment at home, simple pain relievers will do. This will cover other TMJ symptoms such as tightness in the shoulder, pain on one side of the head, pulling or tight pain in the hips and legs. Aspirin, Mefenamic acid and Ibuprofen are known to work on reducing TMJ symptoms.

Is there any TMJ treatment diet that works?

TMJ pain is just a manifestation of a misaligned jaw. If you can work your way on eating soft and small portions of food, then you can essentially treat your tmj pain syndrome with a good diet. Choosing your food will eventually lessen the stress on your jaw joint.

If the price of TMj treatment is expensive, is there a tmj treatment insurance coverage that I can avail? Since TMJ treatment is not a recognized field in medicine, you may not be able to find an insurance company that can cover your dental or medical expenses for tmj disorder treatments.

How about tmj treatment from chiropractors?

You can actually get instant relief from licensed chiropractor massages and therapies. However, the relief may only last for a few sessions. Still, they are cheaper alternatives if you do not have chronic tmj disorder.

TMJ treatment jaw exercises are also effective ways to reduce pain. These exercises are ideal if you experience occasional jaw pain. For chronic and severe cases, exercises for the jaw may just aggravate the condition. Make sure to do exercises with great care and with gradual movements.

How about the so called TMJ treatment doctors in the US? What are their suggestions? Most of these doctors will resort to muscle-skeletal therapy, TMJ disorder surgery or botox treatment for TMJ. As you can see, surgery treatment for TMJ syndrome is invasive and is usually irreversible. This treatment also involves a large sum of professional and medical fee.

Some of the best tmj treatment results come from natural therapies while others testify in favor of surgical and dental procedures. More importantly is, you know your options that will help you decide on your preferred treatment.



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