Exercises To Reduce TMJ Pain – Jaw Joint Exercises For TMJ Disorder Patients

When it comes to TMJ pain remedy, some dentists simply do not have other things to offer but a dental splint. To relieve you from the pains of TMJ disorder, it is important also to look into alternative means of therapy, like jaw exercises. How can this help me?


If you are not that comfortable taking a lot of pain relievers, a simple movement of your jaw can make a big difference.

How to Exercise the Jaw for TMJ?

First, you need to either lie flat on a comfortable position or sit up and rest your back on a wall. Try to massage the sides of your head near the jaw joint just beside your ears.

Second, massage the joint using circular motion. This way, you can target every side of the joint since you cannot actually see its exact position. Any direction will do be it clockwise or counterclockwise.

Third, while you are massaging try to open your mouth very gently for about five seconds. Afterwards, close it gently again for another five seconds. You may repeat this in sets of 12 until you feel a little more comfortable.

Is it all right to move the jaw sidewards while opening the mouth? It is not advisable since we are focusing mainly on reducing the compression int he jaw joint. Moving it sidewards may help only for another set of exercises.

Medicines for TMJ

Usually, a doctor will recommend pain relievers like Paracetamol, Mefenamic Acid or Ibuprofen to reduce the pain. However, this approach of treatment is temporary. One needs to address the main cause of TMJ which is dental malocclusion.

Dental Splint for TMJ

Some dental splints may provide relief and long term treatment for TMJ. There are also soft variations that promote exercising the jaw so that the muscles can be more relaxed. In any case, the use of splints should be consulted with a dentist or orthodontist first.



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