Is TMJ Treatment Covered By Health Insurance Companies?

You have those pain in the neck, jaw, head and even your shoulders. However, your troubles do not end here because most of the time, expensive TMJ treatments are not covered by health insurance policies. Take note that there are no recognized TMJ or TMD disorder specialists in the health world.


This means it would be hard to find a medical center that will entertain health insurance for TMJ treatment. Of course, you can always have discounts on TMJ diagnostics procedures like occlusion, prophylaxis or dental implants and braces. However, the overall procedure done by the doctor or dentist is not covered by a policy from insurance.

What to do? You can always bargain with a doctor or dentist and look for the cheapest TMJ treatment they can offer. Most of these professionals may not provide discounts but they will be more than happy to offer you installment TMJ treatment payments.

This is a good setup since you are probably going to visit your dentist or doctor several times a year since treatment for TMD joint disorder requires therapy. Therefore, a frequent visit to the doctor will permit installment plans for treatment of TMJ pain disorder. Ask you doctor about your options and forget about health insurance coverage for TMJ pain.



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