Jaw Popping Sound Is A Sign of TMJ Disorder – Jaw Joint Clicking Causes

One classic symptom of TMJ disorder is jaw joint clicking. This is due to the fact that the joint in this area suffers from loss of lubrication or dislocation from the socket. When this happen, the nerves the are present in the jaw joint becomes irritated, resulting to sever pain in the jaw, head and different parts of the body.


What are the most common symptoms accompanied by jaw popping sound? They may include clicking sound in the jaw when you open or close it; sudden pain when you move your jaw in any directions; cracking sound when you open your mouth.

Is there a remedy for tmj pain? The pain is usually alleviated by taking pain relievers. Mefenamic Acid and Ibuprofen works for these symptoms. However, if the pain is induced by misaligned teeth, then you need to consult a dentist for dental malocclusion test. Dental occlusion is the natural alignment of the teeth. If the lower jaw is not aligned properly with the upper set of teeth, you may suffer from TMJ pain.

Are there any alternative ways to treat popping jaw and therefore TMJ? For the meantime, you may take pain relievers and gently exercise your jaw. If the pain is coming from a pressured joint, try to relax your jaw and avoid hard foods.



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