Thigh Pain May Result From TMJ Pain Disorder

It may seem light years away but some thigh pain can be due to the onset of TMJ pain disorder. TMJ is just a joint beside your ears. However, once this part becomes irritated, resulting to nerve irritation, several awkward symptoms will appear. Aside from the usual pain in the upper part of the body, pain and numbness in the lower extremities may result from that simple joint in your head.


What happens when you have TMJ pain? The nerves in the jaw joint becomes irritated. This will then send signal to different interconnected nerves in the body. Some of the most common symptoms are head pain on one side, strained pain on the neck, shoulder pain, pain in the hips and lumbar and of course pain in the thighs.

Most of the time, these pain feel like they are pulling and tightening your muscles. If you have those pulling or tight pain in the hips to the legs, then most probably they are due to TMJ disorder.

What are the most common treatment for TMD and TMJ pain? Your doctor may offer dental splint appliance that you can wear for 6 months. However, some physicians are more aggressive by doing surgeries which may eliminate your TMJ ache forever.



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