TMJ Treatment for Pregnant Women – What Are The Options

There is a study that women outnumber men when it comes to having TMJ pain. There is no actual research about the cause but this is true. Therefore, one key concern for pregnant women who seek jaw pain treatment is their options. What TMJ treatment options are available for pregnant women? Are TMJ botox injection safe? How about using splint and mouth guards? Is TMJ treatment using medicines bad for the baby?


The same treatment option for TMJ treatment is available for both men and women. However, there are some issues when it comes to chemicals or medications that one can take for treating TMJ pain. For example, a pain killer drug is the best option to instantly relieve TMJ pain. Ibuprofen or Mefenamic Acid are both safe for pregnant women in treating their TMJ pain. However, there are some who experience side effects using the drugs, which will therefore delay TMJ pain relief. One needs to consult a doctor whether there is a long term effect of using pain killers in an unborn baby.

How about using dental splint appliance, are they safe for pregnant women? TMJ splint and dental mouth guards are mechanical appliance that a woman can wear on her mouth. It should be completely safe because there is no introduction of substances to the bloodstream. If the woman is comfortable with a custom made dental splint or mouth guard, then there is nothing to worry about.

Botox is an optional treatment for chronic and recurring TMJ pain. This is a powerful chemical and you will get results in a few minutes. However, one needs to consult a doctor first before taking botox shots for jaw pain since pregnant women are reactive to extreme chemicals, which could affect the baby.

If you are still doubtful over available TMJ treatment remedy for pregnant women, it would be best to simply proceed with the less invasive and most conservative way of treating your TMD pain. A dental mouth guard or splint would probably be the best option for the meantime.



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