TMJ Treatment Using Mouth Guards – How Effective Are They

The onset of your TMJ pain warrants the use of special mouth guards. These guards or mouth splints are used to align your jaw to the symmetric direction of your upper head. However, there are some concerns that mouth guards can aggravate the pain.


How effective are TMJ treatments using mouth guards? When wearing a mouth splint or appliance, use something that is comfortable bu light. Most plastic or resin based teeth appliance are comfortable to use. You may even buy one online by looking for mouth guards especially designed for TMJ pain.

On the other hand, it may also help if you will wear these guards on a 24 hour basis as much as possible. This will help your muscles get used to the additional pressure by the splint which in turn will reduce your pain in the long run.

What are the disadvantages of mouth guards? It may be uncomfortable at first but they are effective in aligning your jaw properly. In this case, if you can wear it for more than 6 months, you will see the difference in your jaw alignment. At first, it may be painful, but in the long term you will reap the benefits.

Can I use TMJ mouth guards while sleeping? Of course you can. It is also possible to buy dental mouth guards for night use which will also reduce bruxism.



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