TMJ Treatment Vitamins And Supplements – Vitamins For TMJ Pain

The cause of your TMJ pain comes from nerve irritation. When the jaw joint presses on the nerves near your ears, you will feel pain that branches out to the head, face and neck and shoulders. The good news is you can have temporary TMJ treatment by taking Vitamin supplements good for nerve functioning.


Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are the best supplements to reduce nerve irritation for TMJ patients. These vitamins are known to rejuvenate nerves and make them more resistant to irritation, especially by physical causes like TMD pain compression.

How much Vitamin B should I take? It depends on your condition. If you can find multivitamin capsules that are affordable, you can take them once a day. Meanwhile, there are vitamin brands that are “stand alone” in nature which you can take to reduce TMJ pain.

How effective are Vitamins in TMJ treatment and relief? You will notice gradual improvement with your TMJ pain. This should be evident after about 2-3 weeks of continuous Vitamin B intake. Of course, it would be best to treat your pain using dental splints or mouth guards. You may ask your doctor or dentist how you can get one if you can no longer tolerate your pain from TMJ disorder.

Vitamin supplements are only good for temporary TMJ pain relief and you need to specifically treat the cause of the pain in your jaw joint.



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