TMJ Treatment Without Surgery

A lot of people with TMJ pain are looking for treatment options that do not require surgery. Of course, we all want to relieve our pains and aches without invasive procedures. But is it really possible to reduce if not eliminate TMJ pain naturally? First of all, you need a complete visual representation of your teeth alignment. This means a dental occlusion analysis would be important. Dental occlusion is the characteristic of your teeth in which they align together in an optimum position.


As you know, most TMJ pain comes from misaligned jaw due to asymmetric alignment of the teeth. Once you are able to get a good picture of your teeth, a dental splint may be offered to you by a dentist. This is a mouth appliance that you will be wearing for about 6 months. It will help in making your muscles get used to an optimum position so you will have a better bite alignment.

Afterward, you have an option to receive dental braces if you want to permanently align your teeth and eliminate the possibility of jaw pain from returning. Of course, the main benefit from this treatment option is you did not undergo any invasive surgical procedures. Some doctors are aggressive in eliminating TMJ ache immediately by doing surgeries beside the ears and treat the irritated nerve that causes TMJ pain.

The usual cost for TMJ dental appliance is admittedly expensive. However, if surgery is not your kind of thing, this “mechanical” alternative option will do.



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