TMJ Treatment For Men – Different TMJ Disorder Relief For Men

Some men are more prone to TMJ pain compared to women of the same age. In recent studies, women are more likely to develop TMD pain and Jaw disorders. However, even men suffer from such condition. What are available TMJ treatment options for men? If you have a misaligned jaw, you could easily undergo dental occlusion diagnostics. However, if you have other concerns like nerve damage in the head area, a consultation with a neurologist is essential.


The first TMJ pain relief for men is to take pain relievers. This is simply a way to eliminate the pain temporarily. You need decrease the inflammation in the jaw joint to reduce pain.

Second, you must consult a dentist for him to perform occlusion. This is the natural alignment of the teeth that permits alignment of the jaw. When the jaw is not perfectly symmetric, the nerves beside your ears will get irritated.

Third, you can wear a dental teeth guard or a dental splint. This is a dental appliance that you can wear for six months. Afterward, you may then have an optional brace implant to perfectly align your teeth.

Some TMJ treatment for men are also suitable for women because the condition is the same. Meanwhile, those who have chronic jaw pain should consult a doctor specializing in nerve diseases.

Is there a TMJ home treatment that we can do? Pain relievers are good in reducing pain for the mean time. However, you can also use ice packs and put them beside your jaw near the ears. A jaw exercise is also a goo way to loosen tight joints in the jaw.



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