What Causes Red Burning Spot On Face

Do you have those red patches on the cheeks, forehead or chin? Chances are you have a symptom of seborrhea or dermatitis. While they are treatable, it is important to find remedies for them at the earliest possible time.

Symptoms of Red Face Spots

Causes of Red Burning Spots

Usually, people who are under a lot of stress and fatigue develop painful burning sensation on face. These red spots may turn dry and crusty.

There are two main causes of red face spots:

Seborrhea dermatitis


Treatments And Remedies

Some psoriasis treatments are given by doctors once it has been confirmed that the patient have the condition. It can be a topical cream made of hydrocortisone or any anti inflammatory creams. Usually, psoriasis is worse with dry skin.

Meanwhile, if you have only observed tingling and burning sensation on the skin without any redness, itching or white crusts, then the problem might be nerve damage in nature. Some nerve disorders like TMJ pain, multiple sclerosis and even Parkinson’s disease may cause burning pain on the face.

Are there treatments for red burning patches on the face?

If the nerves are the culprit, then you may seek treatment for nerve reconditioning. On the other hand, if skin is the problem a doctor may recommend the application of creams and ointments.

Who Are Prone To Red Face Patches?

People who are under a lot of stress may have this symptom. This is due in part of the imbalances in hormones and electrolytes. However some studies show that a compromised immune system may also lead to such symptoms. Those who are undergoing chemotherapy or those with HIV are more prone to red patches on the face.

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