Effective TMJ Massage Therapy Treatment – Massage Therapy For TMD

Are there any treatment options for TMJ pain? Aside from wearing dental splint, taking lots of pain killers and undergoing jaw joint surgery, there is also a massage therapy suitable for TMJ disorders. Usually, TMD pain sufferers are looking for alternative ways to reduce pain in their jaw joint. One of the simplest and cheapest way to treat TMJ pain is by doing massage therapy.


How does massage therapy work for TMD and TMJ patients? It is quite simple, first you need to loosen up the jaw joints. Do some exercise by chewing light foods. Continue doing this for about 2 minutes. Afterward, apply an ice pack on the jaw joint where the pain is present. For about 3 minutes, apply this cooling sensation to reduce the pain. Remove the ice pack and gently massage the jaw joint in circular motion.

Do this massage therapy on the jaw joint for about five minutes until the pain is reduced. On a daily basis, a TMJ jaw massage therapy will prove beneficial in reducing extreme pain when moving your jaw. Of course, it will also reduce the secondary symptoms of TMJ including one side headaches, pain int he forehead, tingling and numbness on the face, pain int he shoulders and pain in the arms and legs.

Are there any side effects in massaging jaw joints? You control the motion of the massage as well as the pressure applied. Therefore, there should be no side effects when doing TMJ massage therapy at home. If you think that the pain worsens, you need to consult a dental specialist.



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