Safe Way To Treat TMJ Pain – Safest And Effective TMJ Treatment

When someone is suffering from TMJ or TMD, a safe treatment will always be the first option. Treating TMJ pain in the safest way is a good start to relieve yourself from the painful biting and chewing experience. Many patients of TMJ look for an effective and safe way to treat pain in the jaw joint. Are there any treatment products for TMD?


Occlusion is the natural alignment of the teeth. If there is an asymmetric position in the jaw line, chances are you will suffer from TMJ pain. However, the use of dental splint or TMJ splint is a good way to relieve the pain. This is usually customizable if the TMJ dental appliance comes from the dentist. However, you may seek temporary relief from jaw pain if you could find a teeth splint online. These dental guards are effective in reducing the pressure on the nerves beside your ears. It is safe because the night guard is usually used to prevent nigh grinding. Of course, buy only those that come from reputable manufacturers.

Another safe way to treat TMJ is by doing jaw exercises. Chewing exercise will loosen the stiff muscles in the jaw, lessening the pressure on the nerves involved. When you do such jaw exercises, make sure to perform it slowly and gently. Avoid fast opening of the mouth for it may irritate the nerves further. Seek some help from an orthodontist on how you can perform exercises for TMJ or TMD.

Some jaw pain and disorders can be relieved by taking supplements. Vitamins suitable for TMJ are those in the B group like B1, B6 and B12. You may not find a TMJ supplement vitamin but you can always purchase any brands over the counter. Better results may be expected for stand alone vitamin capsules instead of taking multivitamin preparations since the latter have lower dose components.



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