Causes Of Lower Back And Hip Pain – Hip And Back Pain Remedy and Treatment

What causes hip and lower back pain? Apparently, there are several causes of lower hip pain among adults. It is important that you have an idea why your hip and back aches.


Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

  • Pain in the hips and thighs
  • Pain in the hips and buttocks
  • Lower back pain with numbness
  • Dull lower back Pain

What Causes Lower Back Pain

For a start, some of the most common causes of back pain may include but not limited to menopause, sciatic nerve pain, herniated disc, colon, or prostate cancer or simply muscle strain. In most cases, hip and back pain does not require extensive treatments. However, there are big health concerns that may produce such symptom.

Why do I have hip and lower back pain?

The common causes of hip and back pain do not belong to a particular group of health conditions. The hip area together with the lower back region has many sources of possible pain. Let us take a look at cancer for example.

Lower Back Pain From Cancer

Cancer symptoms that usually accompany pain means that the condition may be at an advanced stage. However, one cannot be so sure unless diagnosed by a professional. Some of the cancers that result to hip and lower back pain are prostate cancer in men, uterine cancer in women and colon cancer in both men and women. As you see, the organs involved in such cancers are located near the lower back or the hips area. That is why people with cancer of this type experience hip pain.

Muscle Strain And Cramps

Lower back pain may also be due to strain in the muscles. This is very common among workers who sit more than five hours a day, especially those in the office work areas. It is important to do some stretching to avoid hip and back pain that may become chronic in the long term. Some people report stress as a common cause of hip pain.

Menopause and Back Pain

Menopause can also be a source of hip pain in women. Of course, the changes in the person’s body will result to dull pain in the hip and lower back. This is also related to the region in the body where the reproductive organs of the female are to be found. Obviously, when there are changes in the body chemistry and hormones, some lower back and hip pain may be observed.


Related to this case is pregnancy. Hip and lower back pain due to pregnancy is very common among women. This is because the body is stressed out in carrying additional weight due to pregnancy. In this case, lower back pain in women who are currently pregnant may undergo gentle back massages. It would also help to do stretching every morning.

Herniated Disc

On the other hand, a herniated disc or slipped disc may also produce hip pain. Hip and lower back pain are very common among people with herniated disc. This results from an irritated nerve fiber in the spinal columns, causing pain in the hips, thighs, and legs. One may also feel lower back pain and numbness in the buttocks and thighs.

Symptoms of Herniated Disk

Effective Hip And Lower Back Pain Remedy

Home remedies for hip and pain in the back may ease the aches temporarily. This is true for those conditions that involve only the muscles in the back. Massages and physical therapy may work and give a soothing feeling for the patient. Some people go as far as accupuncture but usually, pain relievers in the form of drugs and creams may work.

What if I have Hip Pain When Sitting?

Well, it only means that you are putting too much strain on your buttocks. The best way to cure hip pain of this type is to stand and stretch every hour. It will help you reduce the lower back pain and at the same time make the blood flow more efficient. However, in order to stop back pain permanently, you may need to undergo physical therapy for a longer time.

If there are any other symptoms accompanying your lower back pain such as numbness in the buttocks, legs and thighs, ask a doctor right away.



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