Does Physical Therapy For TMJ Pain Work?

Many people who suffer TMJ pain do not seek treatment because they are expensive. However, there are some remedies that work to ease TMJ pain. Some people will resort to Physical therapy for TMJ pain. Of course, tmj disorders can lead to pain and aches in the jaw. Moreover, some of them will lead to chronic pain in the head, shoulder pain and dizziness. Some of the most common TMJ complications are frequent severe headache, blurred vision, numbness of the face, numb lips, shoulder aches, back ache and even thigh muscle pain.


So how can physical therapy help in TMJ pain? Physical therapy involves a way to reduce muscle tension. This is necessary if you need to reduce pain coming from jaw joint. A physical therapist may know some jaw pain massages the reduces the pain caused by TMJ disorder.

How much is physical therapy for TMJ pain? It depends on your agreement with the therapist. You may simply pay a flat rate fee or a per session basis. Of course, talking with your therapist is best to treat tmd pain.

Is there a physical therapy clinic for TMJ pain? You can find some of them but the usual place for this therapy is within a dentist’s clinic. Sometimes, dentists and orthodontists can provide massages and treatment for TMJ pain.

Does a neuropath cover TMJ and TMD pain treatment? There are some of them that allows treatment specifically for TMJ disorders but it would be best if you could find first some TMJ remedy at home. Or, you may try some TMJ dental appliance like a mouth guard or a splint. They are dirt cheap but usually works to ease the pain.

For long term pain relief from TMJ, you should seek the help of a dentist to analyze whether you have a bad bite. This way, he can do bad bite correction through splints and braces later on.



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