What Causes Jaw Pain When Opening And Closing Mouth – TMJ Remedy At Home

Does your jaw ache when you open it? How about when closing it? Usually, the most common cause of jaw pain is bad bite and TMJ disorder. Of course TMJ pain and bad bite come together in a single condition. The more important thing is that you know how to cure TMJ pain at home. TMJ is short for temporo-madibular joint. When you experience pain when biting, it is possible that you have TMJ disorder. Here are some of the other symptoms of TMJ pain or TMD disorder.


Some signs of jaw pain are jaw pain when eating, painful jaw when sleeping, jaw ache at night and even jaw pain when talking.

First, you might feel pain when you close your mouth. The pain is usually present in the jaw joint just beside your ears. In some cases, you will hear popping sound beside ears when opening or closing your mouth. This is a good sign of TMJ pain.

Second, you will experience some sort of headaches. It can be in one side of the head only. However, it will also be painful when you move your head and neck. This is a classic sign of TMJ disorder as well.

Third, having TMJ disorder is also accompanied with bad bite. The usual cause of pain in the jaw is misaligned set of teeth. This is called dental malocclusion. A dentist may perform an occlusion test to diagnose a problem.

Some other symptoms of tmj pain together with jaw pain are:

  • Pain in the shoulders
  • Back pain that leads to the hips
  • Pain in the forehead
  • Tingling and numbness in the face
  • Tension pain in the muscles of the arms and legs

Is there a home remedy for jaw pain? You can simply try to do gentle exercises. This will make the jaw joints more lubricated. However, some patients report that a simple movement in the jaw will cause pain. In such a case, you need expert’s advice. There are many home remedy for jaw pain that includes TMJ treatments as well. If the pain in the jaw becomes chronic, you should seek medical or dental attention.




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