Causes Of Ribcage Pain – Remedy And Treatment For Rib Cage Pain

Ribcage pain is usually associated with illnesses that may involve the heart, lungs, and even stomach. However, one needs to identify first the symptoms of ribcage pain before arriving at a diagnosis. Some people relate the pain in the ribs to heart attack, lung cancer, and diseases or even breast cancer.

The more important thing is to know the degree of pain and the location of the ache. For example, a rib cage pain in the right side may be different from the cause of left rib cage pain. Therefore, we will provide you with the possible causes of rib cage pain in upper, left and right segments of the chest.

Causes of Right Ribcage Pain

The right side of the ribcage only has one part of lung in it. However, some conditions may give off pain that comes from an organ in the surrounding area. For example, it is very possible to feel some pain in the right ribs if you have heartburn.

Heartburn is caused by hyperacidity in the stomach. If this happens, then you may also have the initial stages of ulcers and GERD or acid reflux. Of course, there is no telling that you have them unless diagnosed by the doctor.

However, some organs are within reach of the lower rib cage. For example, the pancreas and liver may induce pain in the lower part of the right rib cage. If there are diseases in these organs, you may feel tenderness and pain in the nearby rib areas. It is important that you seek medical assistance if you feel other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headaches, and extreme pain.

Causes of Left Rib Cage Pain

On the other hand, a left side pain in the ribcage could be due to heart problems. The heart is somewhat lying away to the left side of the chest. Therefore, if there are heart diseases or even heart attack a person may feel the initial stages of ribcage pain towards the left of the chest. Still, acid reflux and heartburn could deliver pain in the ribcage and the chest.

On the other hand, a disease or damage in the spleen may also result to rib pain in the left side of the body. This is where the spleen is located. The spleen is within the lower ribcage part so if you feel some pain in this area, it is likely that the spleen is the culprit.

Pain on Both Sides of the Ribcage

If you feel an extensive pain in the ribcage area, you need to seek medical help. In some cases, lung cancer is the culprit for such conditions. However, there are also cases where heartburn and hyperacidity affects the entire chest and ribcage causing pain. On the other hand, a pain in the middle of the ribcage may already be leading to heart attack especially if the pain is stabbing and worsening.

Rib Cage Pain In Women

There may be some instances when the pain in the chest and ribs are due to conditions in the breast. Women are more likely to get this symptom because they are prone to breast diseases like breast cancer. However, men may also contract breast cancer, which means one should be vigilant with other symptoms in the body.

Are There Any Treatments for Ribcage Pain?

If the pain is tolerable and is mild, there is no need to worry. This is also true if the condition improves in a couple of days or if the pain will not recur. However, chronic rib cage aches should be a warning sign for you that need medical attention. Chest pain and rib pain can happen to anyone and it should be something to take care of if the symptom happens frequently.

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