Removing Muscle Knots – Causes, Remedy And Treatment

People with back pain, shoulder pain, neck aches and other muscle pain are said to experience muscle knots. These are muscle phenomenon where you will feel a lump of pain in different parts of the body consisting mostly of muscles.

The scientific name for muscle knots is myofascial trigger points. Muscle knots usually trigger pain in the lower back, shoulder pain, arm and hand pain and leg aches. There are different remedies to remove knots in the muscles but let us first discuss the causes of muscle knots.

Symptoms of Muscle Knots

Common Causes of Muscle Knots

Muscle knots leading to back pain

Lower and upper back pain may happen when you have muscle knots in these areas. There are different theories why this happens but there are causes that are observed to result to pain in these sections.

For example, if you have been sitting for a long period, you may experience pain at the back, shoulder and in lumbar areas. Although lower back pains are common among office workers, one may also experience upper back aches.

Muscle knots leading to neck pain

Neck and nape pain are bothering and may prevent you from doing any activities. Usually, a muscle knot in these areas may result to stiffed neck. It is a painful spasm in the muscle that may last for several minutes. Again, bad sitting position or wrong posture when standing up may lead to these knots that cause pain.

Pain in the arms and legs

Muscle knots in these areas may lead to pain in the same limbs. If you are always doing strenuous activities, it is not impossible for you to get muscle pain and knots. Some of the most affected parts are in the calf, feet, thighs, forearm and hands.

In some cases, muscle knots may be accompanied with neuropathy pain which worsens the situation. Neuropathy is the numbness of any body parts caused by irritations in the nerves. This can happen together with muscle knots.

People who do strenuous activities are more prone to muscle knots and pain. For example, athletes who do sports may experience muscle knots frequently than people who have sedentary lifestyle.

Treatment for Muscle Knots and Pain

Several muscle knots remedies are available. Some of them can be done at home while for more severe cases, a surgery may  be required. You can do any of these before going to the doctor:

Foods for Muscle Pain

Eat foods that contain potassium. A good source of food for muscle knots is banana. Potassium can make the muscle fibers achieve a relaxed state that will prevent cramps. This in turn will reduce muscle knots. Of course, you can also take vitamins for muscle knots and pain. Supplements are always available from pharmacies.


Muscle knot massages are also effective treatment options. You can have a family member massage the area where you feel pain. Of course, it would be very difficult to have back massages on your own. Ask a friend to apply pressure to your lower or upper back where you feel the knot.

Stretching can also give you relief from pain in the muscles. You can do simple exercises for muscle knots that will involve stretching of the hands, arms and legs.

Chiropractic Therapy

In some cases, you can search for a chiropractor who can reduce the muscle pain in your body. A chiropractor can help in aligning your spine and therefore your muscles and bones to a normal position. This will help in reducing the muscle pressures and irritation.

Heat Pads

A heating pad and warm compress for muscle knots are also effective. This muscle knot remedy has been proven to reduce the pain in the muscles. Apply the compress for 15 minutes and gently massage the painful area.

Pain Relievers

A medicine for muscle knots can also help in reducing the pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen can ease the pain and let you do your work again. You may purchase the medicine over the counter without prescriptions.

Are there any herbs for muscle knots? You may first take Ibuprofen to reduce the pain but there are also alternative medicines for chronic muscle pains. Just make sure that you are not allergic to any herbal medicines that you will take. Moreover, reading the labels or knowing the ingredients in any herbal medicines should be a standard procedure. If you are not sure with it, ask your doctor. Some natural remedies for muscle knots and pain can aggravate the situation.

Do I need surgery for muscle knots?

Eliminating muscle knots involve easy ways to do it. In fact, most muscle knot remedies are available at home. However, for severe cases, a muscle knot surgery procedure may totally prevent muscle knots from happening again in a specific area of the body. Consult your doctor about this option.

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