Stroke Recovery At Home – Alternative Treatments And Medication

Stroke is a life changing medical condition and it can affect anyone. Because of the changes in brain functions, a stroke patient should be able to receive stroke recovery therapy as soon as possible to bring back motor functions in the arms, face and legs.


Usually, stroke patients receive physical therapy and occupational therapy to help them recover. However, there is no guarantee that a patient will be able to move again his arms or walk again due to different factors.

What causes stroke?

In layman’s term, stroke is a medical condition where the signals in the brain get disrupted because of abnormal blood flow to the brain regions. There are two different kinds of strokes in general. The first one is when the arteries in the brain gets clogged up by a coagulated blood which is termed as Ischemic stroke. The other type is when the blood flows out of the brain arteries which causes hemorrhage. This kind of stroke is called Hemorrhagic stroke. The most common stroke cases are those in the Ischemic and it can affect any person no matter what the gender or age may be.

How to Prevent Stroke?

There are many factors that can lead to stroke. The first one is smoking. Smoking leads to stroke as mentioned in various clinical studies. On the other hand, stagnant lifestyle can generally lead to stroke because there is less movement of the body. When a person has a sedentary lifestyle, it is possible the blood clots will appear somewhere int he body like legs and arms. These blood clumps can be transmitted to the brain due to normal blood circulation. When the coagulated blood becomes trapped in smaller arteries, the brain will he lesser blood flow which could lead to stroke.

High blood pressure can also lead to stroke. Severe hypertension may lead to artery bursting in the brain which can then lead to hemorrhagic stroke. Usually, people who are above age 40 are vulnerable to this kind of stroke while Ischemic ones are more common among younger individuals. In both scenarios, exercising can help in reducing stroke because it tends to loosen up clogged arteries and make blood circulation more natural.

Stroke Recovery And Cure

Unfortunately, there is no single method to treat stroke. However, there are various therapies that can help a patient bring back his health and be able to walk again. Physical therapy for stroke patients is recommended as this will stimulate motor nerves to function again. A stroke patient will be able to walk again and move his arms.

On the other hand, occupational therapy is necessary for stroke patients to move their lips and tongue. Stroke patients who can’t chew, swallow or open their mouths for food needs OT. A licensed physical therapist or occupational therapist should to the treatment in order to maximize the benefits of the therapy.

Is acupuncture good for Stroke Recovery?

Alternative treatment for stroke recovery has not yet established a solid ground of confirmation. It means acupuncture and other alternative medicines like herbal medicines and supplements were not yet proven to help stroke patients recover. However, there are good vitamins for stroke recovery that one may take. For example, Vitamins B1, B6 and B12 are all good for nerve regeneration which is essential to help a person recover from stroke.

What are the symptoms of stroke?

There are different symptoms and warning signs of stroke but one should be alarmed when any of these happens:

  • Person won’t wake up after sleeping
  • Numbness in arms and legs
  • Half body numbness
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of balance while walking or standing
  • Shaking and trembling hands
  • Shaking head

Stroke in Children and Young Adults

It is very possible for young adults to have stroke. They are in the range of 20 to 30 years old. Sitting in front of a computer for long hours, watching TV without standing from time to time and excessive intake of fatty foods with high cholesterol contents are usually seen as risk factors in young adults related to stroke attacks.

How long does it take to recover from stroke?

Stroke recovery is a lifelong treatment. However, younger people can recover 100% if the stroke is an Ischemic one. A surgery in the brain for blockage may not be necessary since there are drugs that can dissolve the clogged blood clot. However, hemorrhagic stroke may require surgery because the brain is swollen and irritated. This is usually done from patient who are older and the treatment afterwards may be lifelong.

In most cases, stroke among young adults will take only six months to one year for full recovery.

What is mild stroke?

A mild stroke may be attributed to sudden disruption of blood flow to the brain but resolves pretty quickly. However, there are mild strokes that can lead to full blown strokes if there are no medical interventions made. Remember to immediately seek medical attention is you feel dizziness, loss of balance and sudden headaches that won’t go away even after taking pain relievers.

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