Recommended Diet For LBM and IBS – Diarrhea Foods To Eat

Diarrhea and LBM can run for a few days to a full week. In order to make the treatment faster, it is best to follow a diet for diarrhea and LBM to minimize discomfort. With the right food, you will be able to help your digestive system recover much faster. What is a good diet for LBM and diarrhea?


Loose Bowel Movement

This can happen if you are stressed out or have an infection in the intestinal walls. Bacteria and fungal infection can lead to LBM and diarrhea, which can then lead to Irritated Bowel Syndrome. Adults and kids are both prone to diarrhea especially if the food they just ate was contaminated.

Best Food For Diarrhea

What is the recommended food for LBM? Because of the irritation in the stomach and intestines, your body cannot squeeze out the water content from the foods you eat. Another thing is that the digestive tract has a lot of movement that causes the food particles to be loose and not firm.

There are recommended foods that you can take. One of them is banana. Bananas contain pectin which can help make the stool firmer and more solid. In this manner, you can at least make the trips to the toilet less frequent.

What foods to avoid when having diarrhea? The main goal of treating diarrhea and LBM is to help the digestive system recuperate. It means foods should be taken with care to reduce the “shock” to your intestines. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Eat small portions of foods but in a more frequent time frame
  • Avoid eating foods that contain caffeine (coffee, chocolate, softdrinks)
  • Eat one variety of food per meal
  • A natural pancreatic supplement can help digest foods
  • Drink probiotics
  • For the meantime, avoid dairy products
  • Avoid oily foods as they are harder to digest

Treatment for Diarrhea and LBM

Usually, diarrhea is left limiting meaning it can go away with proper treatment. One important thing to remember is to drink plenty of water to rehydrate. If the LBM and diarrhea symptoms persist for more than a week or if you are already feeling weak, you need to consult a doctor.

Depending on the cause of diarrhea, he may give anti-fungal medicines or any other drugs that could eliminate bacteria within the intestinal tract.

Foods To Avoid For Diarrhea and LBM

You should avoid foods that are spicy, sour and are hard to digest. They may include vinegar based foods, citrus foods and even beef. Moreover, avoid eating large servings per meal since the stomach needs more time to digest the foods.




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